Skirts 101: The Six Most Common Skirt Types in Every Woman's Closet


Looking for lovely fashion clothing to add a dash of femininity to your wardrobe? Then you could be due for a skirt shopping spree. Below are some of the most popular types of skirts in the market. Check them out, see which ones best fit your style and taste, and get shopping!

A-Line - As its name clearly suggests, an A-Line skirt looks a bit like the capital letter A. It’s narrow at the top and spreads outwards towards the hem. Almost anyone can pull of A-Line skirts, but they are most flattering in women who have a straight frame because they create the illusion of curves.

Broomstick - If you’re a “Boho” chic then broomstick skirts will be right up your alley. These skirts are characterizes by their wrinkly appearance and flowy nature. It’s a great piece to wear if you want to appear taller and thinner. It’s best to pair a tight top with this type of skirt, and if you wish to accessorize further, consider throwing a belt around your waist to accentuate it.

Mini - Fun and casual, mini-skirts are short and fall several inches above the knee. They work well in bringing attention to a woman’s legs and they work with a variety of tops, including tank tops, fancy blouses, and polo shirts.

Maxi - Maxi skirts are long, straight, and usually flow right to the ground. They’re meant to cover the entire bottom part of a woman’s body and like broomstick skirts, they give the illusion of a longer figure. Maxi skirts look great with tight or cropped tops.

Pleated - Pleated skirts vary in length and material, but they all have one thing in common:  vertical pleats running up and down them. They add a bit of fun to any outfit, and depending on the length and material, they can be worn for various occasions. For instance a chiffon pleated skirt below the knee can pave the way for a semi-formal to smart casual look, while a polyester one above the knee would make for a casual and fun attire.

Pencil - Straight, tight, and below the knee, pencil skirts are popular in the office. Paired with a nice button down blouse, tights, and high heels, they give you a sleek and classy corporate look. Contrary to what some might think, pencil skirts aren’t just for slim women. When worn correctly, they can actually flatter just about any body type. For instance, while slender women should go for the tight pencil skirts, full-bodies ladies can for those that are slim but aren’t too tight.

A note for those on a budget:

Is your fashion budget limited? Don’t fret. Before you start thinking that you can’t afford to buy yourself some flattering skirts, consider checking online for apparel deals. Why not head to the website or Facebook page of your department stores or clothing boutiques and see if they’re running any promotions? You can also check your favorite fashion coupon site to see if there any deals that you can snag.

There are plenty of sales going on at any given moment and the key is to just find out which ones you can take advantage of.

Image credit: jessleecuizon on Flickr