5 Foods That May Be Damaging Your Skin

Have you ever marveled at how many skin care products there are in the market these days? There are too many! The reason is quite obvious â€" more and more people are either becoming aware of the importance of taking care of their skin or they already have existing problems that need to be treated.

Your skin is the biggest organ in your body which is why you need to take care of it. While there are foods that can improve the elasticity and the overall suppleness of your skin, did you know that there are also those that can actually harm it?

Here are 5 foods that you should limit or shun from your diet â€"

Processed Foods

Live enzymes and nutrients are either broken down or lost once foods are processed. Since this is so, any processed food is nutritionally deficient and is automatically unhealthy for your skin and the rest of your body.

Boxed foods are also known to have a lower water content. Unlike fresh vegetables or fruits, boxed foods are not in their natural or raw state so they are not a good source of hydration.

Any Non-Organic Food

Non-organic foods are likely to contain pesticides, fungicides, herbicides, waxes, or even hormones. These are known toxins yet modern man isn’t often aware that he ingests some of these when he eats food that are non-organic. Since the body is not able to recognize the toxic, foreign chemicals, its most common response is inflammation. Remember that organic foods have more nutrients and though they are pricier, they will provide you with a better complexion.

Dairy Foods

A lot of dairy cows, these days, are already being fed with hormones. This is so they will keep lactating throughout the year. When you happen to drink the milk that comes from any of these cows, or if you eat ice cream or yoghurt that were processed from such milk, then your skin is screwed. There are many health issues that come from the consumption of these dairy products, to begin with, you can worry about acne.

Sugary, Artificially-colored or Flavored Foods

These artificial stuff are already considered as a normal part of the American diet. Additives such as aspartame or Red #5 are now a part of most known foods. While they may make foods look more scrumptious, they contain no nutrients, hence, they are not good for your body and your skin; and worse, you could even end up with histamine reactions.

Any Fried Food

Did you know that oil that is heated at a very high temperature could bring about oxidation? So when you are frying that egg or chicken drumstick, you are literally putting toxins into your body. And there is no way to detox these fats off of your body.

Healthy skin is seen to have good circulation and metabolism and eating fried foods could lead to poor circulation. Therefore, a weakened circulation and poor metabolism could result into a lack of glow on those cheeks!

Think Before You Eat

Remember what they say about you and the food that you eat? The next time that you put something into your mouth, try to think twice. You could be eating toxins or dumping garbage right into your body so be more wary.

About the Author: Jenn is a writer for My Food a company that offers healthy meals delivered to the home. She enjoys creating her own body scrubs and face masks using natural ingredients found in her kitchen.