Night Time Skincare Routine for a Flawless Glow

We never step out without applying a good SPF on the skin because we all are concerned about our skin at daytimes. But, what about the nights?

When we talk about undergoing a skincare routine, the night is the day. Talking about skin glow, the focus is on the whole body and not only the facial skin. Giving all the attention to the facial skin, you forget to take care of your body's skin. However, skin on your face is much delicate than the skin on the body and for achieving flawless skin, you apply harmful chemicals without even knowing it.

Your skin restores natural oil at night which is very important to maintain the elasticity. You should let your skin breathe at night. Above everything, a good sleep can give you the glow that no cosmetic can. Try to sleep early and follow it daily. Here are some essential steps you should follow before going to bed that will:

Clean Your face

Whether you have applied makeup or not, wash your face prior to bed. It will take off all the tiny dust particles that on your skin and blocks the pores that cause acne problems.

Say No to Chemicals


Be careful while you pick facewash and avoid using them if they have Sodium lauryl sulphate, butylated hydroxyanisole or Polyethylene/PEGs as they cause skin pigmentation leaving your skin dry. Use a gentle cleanser for cleansing to maintain the oil level of your face during night time.

Don't be Harsh while Exfoliating

It is good to exfoliate skin early to bed but there is not a thick layer of dead skin that you need to push your palm over your skin. Exfoliating before bed helps to remove tiny dust particles and dead skin. Since the skin on your face is much thinner than your body, be gentle while scrubbing. Do it twice a week if needed. Doing it hard and frequently will take out the necessary oil and make your skin irritated and crack.

Apply Alcohol-free Toner


Alcohol, however, has antibacterial properties but it is harmful to be applied to the skin. It dries up the skin that makes it dull and dry. It also has a lasting effect on it causes wrinkles at an early age. Use alcohol-free toner and apply it as it tightens skin pores.

Moisturize Well

After doing all the steps, this step is very essential. To maintain skin's elasticity, apply a good amount of moisturizer and massage it until it is soaked by the skin. A water-based moisturizer is good for oily skin. All these steps will give your skin a light-night care and healthy glow.