Some Mesmerizing Makeup Ideas For A Gold Dress

Gold unleashes the inner goddess in you and it goes without saying the ravishing effect that gold casts on you. Gold is gold after all and no one on this earth denies this fact that it transforms you into a style diva instantly. Never mind, whether you are a fairy fair or dusky beauty, a golden colored dress will certainly look fabulous on you provided it is not too loud. Not only does gold complement your skin instead it makes you a head turner as well. It can be a cocktail gown, a fishtail cut gown or a sequin-studded flared dress, the beauty of wearing gold dresses is that it looks good when you are wearing them for parties or to a prom. It’s a color which looks amazing during the evenings as enhances your overall personality. Doesn’t apply to jewels alone but outfits and makeup too. How about knowing these makeup ideas for the gold dress? Want to know more? Read on!

Be A Showstopper -Not A DISCO BALL


It’s time to look beyond the gold dress and explore the significant things that go well with gold eyeshadow, the matching shade of lipstick for a gold dress etc. So, go ahead and check out our makeup guide to turn into a showstopper next time you try on the gold dress:

Never go gold over gold.

Always use bright yellow gold for eyeshadow.

Make red complement with gold.

Base Makeup


Though gold as a color goes with all skin complexions, you should be a bit careful while using it since it can also make you look like a disco ball, which is not what you want. Right? When it comes to getting the perfect base makeup with a gold dress, stress on getting a smooth and even-toned skin. This looks best irrespective of the dress you are wearing. What you need to concentrate on is hiding the flaws first. Things like what color of eyeshadow would work or the lipstick that can look good should all be your second priority.

Depending on your skin type, use a good concealer. For the under-eye dark circles, use a concealer 2 to 3 shades lighter. After all, the dark circles need to be hidden so as to make you look younger and brighter. To create a smooth canvas for the next stage(s) of makeup, you need to apply foundation – either with a brush or your finger.

Blush For Gold Dress


When it comes to makeup looks for a gold dress or makeup for a gold prom dress, it is good you keep your blush subtle. Use a hint of blush to add a rosy tint to your cheeks. Too much of blush can only ruin your look.

So if you are blessed with a fair or pale complexion, it makes sense to apply an apricot, peachy blush. If you have darker skin tones, then a wine-colored blush would be good to go. Is that all? No, on top of the blush you can also use some highlighter. This will help draw attention to your cheekbones. Apart from this, you can also use a contouring powder on the hollow part of your cheeks to acquire a slimmer look. Use a big brush to blend everything well. Unblended makeup with a gold dress can be a big showdown, you know.

Perfect Eyes And Pout


For the eyes: Got medium skin complexion? Put light pale gold on the eyes. If you have a fair skin, then try out a champagne colored eyeshadow. Now using a pen eyeliner, outline your eyes. No harm in extending the eyeliner and going for the winged look, it will look gorgeous even then. Do the finishing by applying multiple coats of the mascara. Your eye makeup is ready to rock with your gold dress.

For the lips: Saw how the bold lip color is perfectly complementing the dress like no one’s business. The lip color is stunning. It means you can try a deep red/ deep wine/ Marsala (the Pantone Color of the Year 2015)/even a magenta color to prep up your pout.

Add Some Bronzy Glow


When you are wearing a gold dress, there is not a second thought on how a glowy face looks amazing (unless you have applied too much of shimmer here and there).

The picture that you see above shows you a lovely nude lipstick and some sensual bronzy makeup. Like to create this look?

Here are the steps –

For the eyes: Apply a bronze-colored eyeshadow on the lids. Use a medium brown eyeshadow on the crease to darken them a bit. Then using a darker grey or charcoal grey shade, line the eyes. No harm in applying some bronze eyeshadow on the lower lids as well. If it is the wedding or party makeup, don’t forget to apply some mascara or false eyelashes.

For the lips: Now that you got a glowy look to complement this gold dress, let your lips complete the story when you choose peach, pink, light pink, pale orange, or nude shades, etc.

Wrapping Up

As we wrap up this post, we hope you find these makeup ideas for a gold dress interesting and would definitely try them out to look like a ramp-scorcher. As of now, you know how to look super-glam next time you step out partying. If you have any more makeup tips that complement the gold dress please share them with other makeup lovers here.