All About Adele

Adele may be pregnant, and she may be taking a break from the studio, but she continues have a presence in the news room.

Adele + Burberry

While nothing is confirmed yet, Vogue UK has reported rumors of Adele designing plus-size clothing with Burberry’s Chief Creative Officer Christopher Bailey. According to Vogue, reports on September 18 say that Bailey spoke with Adele regarding the project and invited her to become an ambassador for the company.

Again, nothing is confirmed yet, as neither Burberry nor Adele have responded to the reports, but be sure to keep an eye out, as this is definitely big news in the both the fashion and entertainment industries.

It would most definitely be awesome to wear something designed by Adele. The woman has an exquisite sense of style (she pulls off the classic look oh so well), so it wouldn’t really come as a surprise if she does end up collaborating with Burberry’s creative team.

Going 007?

In other Adele news, rumors are now circulating that the queen of pop will sing the next James Bond theme song entitled Skyfall (which also happens to be the title of the film), according to BBC several websites are saying the Adele may indeed go the 007 route.

Sony Pictures has “no comment” right now, but Adele was heard dropping hints last year about “going back in the studio in November” and also mentioned that it was for “a theme”. It can be recalled however, that November was when Adele underwent surgery for her throat, so that project could have been put to a halt.

Now as much as it would be awesome to have Adele sing the next James Bond theme, perhaps the best thing to do right now is to just wait for a confirmation by Sony Pictures. (Either that, or just watch out for 007 on October 26.)

If there isn’t any truth to the rumors, then it certainly wouldn’t be the first time. Remember in 2008 when Amy Winehouse and Mark Ronson were rumored to sing the theme song of Quantum Solace? In the end though, it was Alicia Keys and Jack White that ended up doing the duet.

Bottom Line

Having Adele on board with Burberry would be great, and hearing her sing the new James Bond theme would definitely make waves, but ultimately, amidst all these rumors, the most important thing to wish upon Adele is for her to have a healthy baby when she gives birth.

There isn’t a lot of news about Adele’s pregnancy lately, although Perez Hilton did publish a post with thoughts on how Adele’s pregnancy would affect her music. The lovely star may be known for her heartbreaking songs, but being in love and having a baby could change all that.

Perez Hilton said it best:

Given the heaviness melancholy of her last two albums, we couldn't be more thrilled for her to showcase all of the joy that she's experienced as of late through her music! We are more than ready for that powerful voice of hers to take us along with her on this journey! Image credit: AlexKormisPS (ALM) on Flickr