Meet Sandra Bullock's New Boyfriend

Well for goodness’ sake, Sandy, it’s about time. Bafflingly single star Sandra Bullock is, I hear, finally coupled up after finding love in a hopeless place, i.e, with an ex-male model.

Apparently Sandra, 51 and still sooo hot, has been off the market for several months after meeting Bryan Randall, a smoking (gross), tattooed model-turned-photographer-but-also-still-a-model living in Los Angeles. SB even invited him as her date to Jennifer Aniston’s top-secret wedding!

Bryan, 49, has a young daughter — presumably a playdate for Sandy’s adddddorable 5-year-old son Louis — and has modeled for the likes of Harper’s Bazaar and, well, that’s pretty much all we know.

Judging from his pics, he’s pretty foxy and was probably even hotter when he was younger (who isn’t?), so it’s nice to see Sandra hooking up with someone on her attractiveness level. God knows her cheating ex-husband Jesse James was not, nor was anyone else she subsequently dated — although I can’t think of a single person she’s been linked to since her divorce, can you?

Even if I could, I’m sure they wouldn’t be good enough.

It’s a chilling mystery how someone like Sandy can have such a drab love life. Sandra always seems so fun and spunky and down to earth. Do you think Sandra’s new man could be The One? Or is she asking for trouble by dating this professional pretty face?