The Coolest Hair Accessories to Try This Season

Tweaking and tying your tresses in the right way can provide you with a whole new level of confidence. Hairstyles have the power to frame your face, while also adding volume to your hair. In order to achieve a perfect hairstyle, all you need is the right hair accessories. Adding a simple hair accessory can transform your entire hairstyle as well as look. Here we are going to share some of the coolest hair accessories which you will definitely love to try and have in your collection. These hair accessories are not only trending these days but are also not very complicated to use.

Hair Scarves

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Do not just pack away your winter scarves yet. Keep them for those sunny days when you can’t stand to have your tresses down. There is no hair accessory as versatile as scarves. You can fold your prettiest printed scarves into a long vertical length and use them to tie your hair bun, add into your braid and keep all your hair away from your nape.

Rhinestone Clip

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With a rhinestone clip at the top of your bun, you can add some sparkle to a braided updo. Unlike a rhinestone headband, one can wear a clip so that it peeks out slightly to create an understated look. Before styling, apply some style-shaping gel in order to get control of your hair so that it is easier to twist into a bun.

Metal Cuff

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Are you looking for a hair accessory that’s a bit edgier? Use a metal cuff and show off that half-up topknot. This not only adds a touch of chicness but doesn’t even require much effort. Textured wavy hair looks best with a metal cuff. You can create this look by applying some hydrate air dry cream on your tresses while it is damp. Once it air dries, separate the hair into two sections and make a half-up topknot and twist the top section into a bun placed on top of your head. Now slide the metal cuff through the base of the bun, and gently tug at the top knot using your fingers to help fluff it up giving it a laid-back vibe.


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Do you also want to look elegant and fuss-free on those scorching summer afternoons? Well, the answer lies in a ribbon. This hair accessory, though seemingly simple adds an instant sophisticated flair to almost every look with barely any effort required. So a neatly tied ribbon bow is all that you need to provide some oomph to those top knots.

Wrapping up:

Just by trying any of these hair accessories, you can manage to look elegant or simple or cool or classy or like a princess depending on your choice. All these hair accessory collections is super affordable as well as super easy to use.