The Spring Swimwear Trends: Amazing Swimsuits to Explore

The amazing swimsuits are represented by many of the designers during the current swimwear trend that will definitely make you fall for it. These swimsuits are now available in various style, patterns, and designs which make them more attractive and eye-catchy. So if you are looking forward to by a swimwear this spring season so explore the hottest options in and near the water.

Every possible aspect and personality that would have wished to make a debut has been included in this summer 2018 swimwear trends. We all consider swimwear as a notoriously personal item which is capable of showing off just more than skin. With a person’s choice of bathing suits, his/her personality gets evident.

This spring/ summer 2018 swimwear trends have come up with various options of one and two pieces along with an imaginative styling. Every designer is bringing more and more stunning options of one piece to flatter everyone as its rise is in full force. This summer swimwear collection has strategically covered all the options from sunbathers to surfers and models to the more modest.

1. Swimsuits that are Front Tied

Front tied bikinis are usually considered as string bikinis. These are also considered to be a part of tankinis and monokinis. The Blue Life swimwear with strappy laced tops is one of the best interesting examples of front tied bikinis. Another example if of the ruffle top which is laced and tied in the front. It is very cleverly designed as it does not take away the light from the ruffle and at the same time, it can be seen clearly.

The collection of cool, printed bikinis with the front tied tops are also shown by the designers. Another set of swimwear is a bright pink piece that has an interesting cutout. This also reflects that it is not ‘one way only’ kind of summer swimwear trend.

2. Swimsuits with One-Shoulder

We cannot consider one-shoulder swimsuits as a completely new concept, but a fresh new take has been infused with this concept also like everything else that is cyclically emerging as a trend. The one shoulder two-piece as shown in the below image comes in the light pink color which appears to be slightly nude and it’s should shoulder feature a small sleeve on one side and tie on the other. This string bikini look can be considered as cute, fun and different and is relevant to wear and show off your body this spring.

Those who love to wear lemon can opt for the printed one-shoulder top which will give a cute look.

3. Swimwear Designed from Crocheted

There was a new season a par with the current swimwear trend in 2018. The crocheted tankini style top is one of the funny looks. It can be laced with V-neck and around the bottom, there could be shown some fringe of tassels.

4. Tassels in the Swimsuits

Last year tassels initially made their ‘big splash’ last year, but this concept has shown a steady growth and during the summer swimsuit trend cemented itself. The presence of tassels is considered to be fun and increasingly creative however the type and size vary from the runway to runway.

There is the attractive one-piece swimwear like the one which has the cleverly placed embellishments and exiguous along with the feathery multitier tassels. Tassels can also be placed at the end of the ties which maintain the practicality of the swimsuit for a regular beachwear.

5. One Pieces with Plunging-Neckline

We have always found one-piece to be cute, but if you want to add a touch of oomph, then you should surely go for the plunging necklines as these are one of the best swimwear trends!

A white belted one piece with plunging neckline if best for those who are fond of Love & Lemons. The intricately textured bottom of the high-cut bathing suit along with the loose ruffle neckline makes it good to look and perfect to wear.

There are many other plunging neckline one pieces which are apt to wear this spring: a sheer and bright one piece with the plunging neckline or the turquoise, high-cut, deep-neckline one piece.

6. Swimsuits with High-Cut

A definitive comeback has been made by high-cut swimsuits. During the ‘90s, this cut was primarily at its height but it has again stormed its way in the 2018 swimwear trend.

There are different versions of high-cut swimsuits: high-cut two pieces in light colors, the high-cut bottoms to give a bit strappy look.

7. The Strappy Monokinis

Monokinis are generally considered one piece that gives a similar look as of bikinis and are attached by a piece of fabric or latticework. You can find this work done either on the front or crossed over or either single or both sides. The polka dot monokini, in an itsy-bitsy kinda way was strappy, rise and fun to wear.

8. Extremely Sexy One pieces

The swimsuits with the style like T-Rivera and the Baywatch has definitely broken through even though the one pieces are not considered to be sexy. The masterful one pieces are considered to be those which has some serious plunge of necklines and some cleverly placed cutouts, in the current swimwear trend.

Some of the best trending pieces are swimsuits which feature a deeply plunging neckline and only have straps on the sides; a halter neck, printed backless one piece with a deep plunge; swimsuits in silver metallic color with plunging neck and backless design and cutouts.

9. Swimsuits which are Activewear

There are a lot of options which comes under activewear swimsuits. These options include: the sporty style bralettes and the wonderful surfer gear; swimsuits with cool shoulder top also looks activewear chic; the zip up options to give a perfect look.

10. Shiny and Shimmery Swimwear

Anything reflective on a swimsuit can turn out to either be a great success or a glaring nightmare. All depends on the fabrications which give it a unique look just with a hint or touch.

The high waisted swimsuit options with the triangle bikini top which has some strategically placed silver and gold lightning bolts is also a trending option this season. There are many other embellished and sexy options shown by various designers for the swimsuit collection 2018.