Explore All Amazing 2018 Swimwear Trends

The summers are here and all of us find a way to chill and relax on a beach-side. And showing off your best collection of one-pieces and two-pieces on this summers is not at all a bad idea. We have bought the list of the new swimwear styles and trends for you. Have a look!!

1. Prints and Patterns with Fun Look

The cover-ups, two pieces, and one piece with the clever, funny and sarcastic prints one of the trending collection. Off Duty Mermaid, and Bae Watch is one of the most popular options but do remember that the options like hairy men’s chests or sharks coming up for a quick bite are considered to be outdated. So go only for the trendy options.

2. Bikini Sets which are Mismatched

For creating your own style requirements, you can easily mismatch the swimsuits but this seasons designer are also doing this intentionally to provide various options to the people. Two pieces can be perfectly paired even though these are not of the same pattern or color.

Designers have come up with a lot of earthy colors and alluring prints, bikinis that are striped with a ruffled and a pair of polka-dot bottoms are matched with V-neck straps and off-shoulder top.

3. High-Waisted Two Pieces

A vintage godsend is what high-waisted two pieces have been hailed as in this swimwear season. This trend has been more reliable over the past few years.

We can see a high-waist option in nearly every swimsuit. This swimwear is available in different patterns like bold prints or tasseled.

4. Swimwear with Matching Cover-Ups

The coordination look in the swimwear is also trending. We can see a lot of stunning options which are coordinated and have eye-catching prints. There are different pieces which can be worn from brunch to the beach to dinner.

5. Adding Harnesses, Suspenders, and Belts

This spring swimwear collection has added a plenty of fun by including suspenders, belts, and harnesses on a swimsuit. However, there need is almost negligible on a swimwear but fashion cannot fully adhere to the functionality.

Designers have come up with different swimsuits like high-waisted halter and triangle bikinis, the suspender style built into the bottom of bikinis.

6. The String Bikinis

The string bikinis are perfectly ideal for this spring season and are ideal for the tanning body and wearing them is a lot of fun. The best thing about the string bikinis is its functionality, as the strings can be easily adjusted if you need a bit of the space.

String bikinis come with a plethora of designs on hips and busts, lace-up tops and can also be included with tassels that means you can easily cover more than one trend.

The high waist string bikinis are also considered to be the hottest. Adding a beautiful sheen to the nude string bikinis makes it look perfect.

7. Swimsuits in the Striped Version

Swimsuits come in various styles and patterns and stripes are one of the most predominant patterns. The stripes pattern comes in One- and two-piece options and can be seen either placed strategically or covering the entirety of the swimsuit.

Swimsuits do come in gem-like colors in stripes, either a strip on the top a high-waisted two-piece or the stripes following the shape of a strapless top.

Stripes pattern do look hot when it gets accented with characters either on a one-piece or two-piece.

8. Colors which are Soft Pastel

People with tanned and darker skin can go for the soft pastel colors such popular sky blue bathing suit, which will pop amazingly against their skin. Many of the brands like Luli Fama, go for the softer shades such as the lightest of purples, spun sugar pink and sky blue.

9. Thongs

You all must have listened to the ‘Thong Song’ by Sisqo which is completely relevant with the thongs. But this spring season has come up with the revamped and released an update on the song.

Designers always choose this route of design for new trends. However, thongs are only a vehicle to reveal the great butt and it is not incredibly complex. There are various trendy thong swimsuits which can be attractive for you and is designed by various designers like Love & Lemons, KAOHS, Montce, Courtney Allegra, Lolli Swim, etc.

10. The Velvet Swimwear

We all know every new concept cannot be considered right immediately. Not every concept seems right immediately. And velvet is a sort of fabric which is considered to be impractical to design a swimsuit which has to be wear in sand and sun and salt, fresh or chlorinated water. Moreover, its process of washing is also not conducive and does not guarantee any sort of longevity for the fabric. Designers have now come up with the velvet swimwear in every possible cut or style that could be functional to hold up.

We always expect velvet to be beautiful, prismatic, gorgeous and eye-catching from every angle. The current season has shown the stunning velvet one piece which has a deep plunging V-neck and comes in soft pink-tinged purple color. And there are many other options as well.

11. Unconventional Cover-Ups

This year the swimwear trends have come up with a completely new concept of cover-ups. Like decades ago the plastic fashion trend came in clothing which has come up again ranging from panels to full-blown pieces. These plastic pants have again come in trend for covering your bathing suits, but in actual it didn’t cover anything.

The cover-ups which basically appear like lingerie but fit the criteria to cover your bathing suits give a Hot as Hell look. There are other fabulous looking cover-ups like billowing, dramatic cover-ups ornamented with embellishments, fluffball covered shimmering sheer cover-ups, etc.

Another and the hottest swimwear trend is of the ultra-cropped hoodie which has been around for a long time in hood and baddie girl culture. This ultra-cropped hoodie has selves which are usually worn with a tank in the fall and it is basically has a neckline, a hoodie. This is now being used as a swimwear cover-up.