Awesome Hair Color Trends For Light Brown Hair!

Light brown hair? Are you obsessed by the girls who are clicking selfies on Instagram flaunting different color hair?  Do you want to adapt the same look they have, but somehow, when you try out colors and styling they don’t turned out that way? If such is the situation, we’ve got you covered with some awesome highlights and lowlights in brown that will completely transform your dull and uninspiring look into exceptionally gorgeous look. If you look around there are many hair color ideas that would add oodles of style and beauty to your hair. Read on to explore the different highlights and lowlights color ideas that could do wonders to your overall look.

You must have heard that hair could add and change the entire look, so if you do believe the same way, simply go through this article to unfold the colors that will just not suit but also add volume to your scentsy hair. Ranging from buttery blonde to honey blonde, you will read about  all shades of brown that will be perfect for highlights and lowlights.

Electrifying Highlight Ideas

We have compiled some gorgeous highlight ideas that will compliment your brown hair, so don’t stop reading here, read on:

Copper and blonde Highlights

Just because you have a brown base doesn’t mean that you can only go for blonde highlights. You can let your hair down and go crazy with these copper highlights edged with blonde tips to oomph your dynamic beauty. You can also go with dented curls to highlight these fiery highlights.

Honey Blonde Highlights

Looking forward to adding some playful feel and sense of style to your brown base? Honey blonde highlights would give your sandy brown hair a sunkissed look as these hues of brown enhance brightness to basic beauty of brown hair. You can make a low bun to complete your boho style and if you are heading towards work, you can simply let it loose to give a shine of honey blonde on your hair.

Dark Blonde Highlights

Dark or coffee brown is the color that every woman wants to have. If you are blessed with the one, don’t waste the beauty of your dark coffee brown hair, rather boost the browny bounce with the hues of dark blonde to have that sexy and mysterious look. A dark blonde shade is the perfect way to add some oomph to your hair look without going over-the-top. Style this look in some loose waves to complete that casually chic style statement.

Maple Brown Highlights

Is elegance your style? No matter, whenever you style yourself to work or for party, simply mark our words maple rich toned highlights would look absolute subtle on your chocolate brown hair. So complement your brown hair with two shade lighter tone to create gorgeously understated hair look.

Lustrous Lowlight Ideas

Warm Brown Lowlights

Bored of looking the same look and color of your hair? Wanna add some pep to your so basic brown hair? Give your hair a touch of warm brown lowlights to add some volume to your overall look of your hair. Curl up buttery brown tipped hair when you are ready to set the stage on fire.

Walnut Brown Lowlights

If you are ready to play with brown on brown game, then you should try walnut brown on your blonde brown hair. Auburn and mahogany brown lowlights can work wonders to infuse life into dull mousy brown hair. And if you’re looking to go in for a major hair transformation, get your hair styled in a straight angled bob to create a badass hair look.

Wrapping Up

After going through this article, you must be confused about which color trend you should opt for since both highlights and lowlights are good options when you want to play with your brown base hair. Well, you can go for both! Blending lowlights and highlights makes for the ultimate multidimensional hair look that no other color job can compete with. So, go for some ashy blonde highlights and mocha brown lowlights on your light brown hair to make that magical hair look of your dreams. These are our overview of the best highlights and lowlights styling ideas for light brown hair so do comment below to let us know which look you like the most.