Top 12 Accessory Trends For Women This Year!

In this age of Facebook, Instagram, and other social media, keeping yourself up-to-date with the latest trends is essential than ever. After all, who wants to lag behind in the perfect selfie game? And when it comes to women, nothing could be the best thing to know more about other than accessories!

Accessories are the best options when you want to add that bling-factor to your overall style. On the days, when you need to attend a party and doesn’t have something interesting in your wardrobe, a dainty piece of accessory can make your simple dress look ravishing. Just like the rap music, dating apps and clothes, accessories have its own progressing trends in order to keep you from getting bored. With that in mind, we rounded up some of the most enthralling accessory trends this year. If you are also one of those social-media addicts, then check out these hottest trends which are definitely going to rule the fashion industry in 2018:


This cute piece of jewelry is something which can never get replaced. This year, you are going to encounter Baroque pearls more as compared to simple round pearls because of their unique shapes and hues.


These dainty pieces of summer jewelry are going to mark their entry back into the trendiest accessory list. This year you are going to find yourself donning a delicate gold chain with some small pearls or a simple chain with a faux diamond on it. The choice is all yours!


Being officially back on the red carpets and runways, brooches are going to be seen a lot of bags, lapels, jackets, and scarves this year. Feel sorry in advance for breaking your granny’s gold and silver antique versions!


This year is going to miss the site of Stilettos! Low-heeled boots are going to replace them in 2018. After all, the women of today are adventurous and need a shoe to get her to places.

Pinky Rings

All the ‘90s kid out there! Here is a call for you. Add a subtle touch to your hand with some of the intricate and elegant pinky rings, which are going to be the biggest trend this year.

Patterned Bags

Have you also wasted a lot of your time trying to improvise an outfit in order to pair it perfectly with a single color purse? No worries now! This season you’ll see your bags turning into a sheer piece of conversation with all the colorful patterns and textures designed over it. Isn’t it cool enough?


So, you have recently bought that iPhone Xs you were planning for two months. Sure, a good news. However, no touchscreen can stop you from accessorizing your dresses with fashionable gloves this year. Just in case you need to remove your glove in order to send a DM, do that in style by holding the glove elegantly in your other hand!

Dangling Earrings

This piece of jewelry can make you shine even in a sans makeup look. Available in various shapes, sizes, and designs, freely moving dangling earrings are going to be your thing this year.

Classic Pump

Just like we said, heels are going to be absent from the site this year. However, if you are someone who cannot leave your house without adorning a stylish pair of heels, then pointed-toe pumps or tweed pumps are there for you.

Super Sneakers

You remember the time of white sneakers? Yes, the time is long gone. But, your sneakers have got some really funky updates this time. From curled toes to those studded with spikes and crocheted flowers, get ready to headset go in your truly wild sneakers.

Clip Earrings

Some good news for the women who haven’t got their earlobe pierced. Clip-on earrings, which are screwed onto the outside of the lobe and not inserted into the pierced hole, are going to be back in trend this year. These come with a number of backing options and also in different shapes and sizes.

Ear Chains

These classic chains which come attached with the earrings are an absolute choice for all your casual get-togethers. And they look quite cool as well. Aren’t they?


So these are all the classy and dainty accessories you should start shopping already and thank us later!