Some Amazing Wedding Hairstyles for Women

The dilemma about how to do your hair for a wedding is an eternal thing. You neither want to go for an everyday top-knot nor do you want to overdo it. And then comes another dilemma- matching your hairstyle as per the dress code! But do not fear. Whether you have decided to style your tresses yourself or hiring some professional, we have compiled some of the amazing wedding hairstyles for your gorgeous looks:

The Side-Swept Curls

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This is a very simple yet elegant hairstyle that flaunts your pretty locks in a much-sophisticated way. You can pair this hairdo with some face-framing wisps. This wedding hairstyle will definitely make your natural beauty shine.

An Elegant Bun

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This is another gorgeous hairstyle which is not only sleek and beautiful but elegant as well. Besides providing you with an elegant appearance, a bun also allows you to wear your hair up and won’t let them go and spoil your wedding look. You can accessorize your bun with a nice tiara to go with your gown. A messy bun is also a great alternative.

Braided Updo

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If you want to carry a bohemian look, this hairstyle will do you all the favor. Besides delivering a modern look, a braided updo looks purely gorgeous and adds to your feminine appeal.

Half-Braided style

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This one is simple hairstyle in which the upper portion of the hair is braided up to a particular length and turned into a ponytail which is hair-wrapped. Let the remaining of your locks embrace your beautiful back gracefully.

A simple and pretty Ponytail

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One can never go wrong with a ponytail hairstyle. No matter if you have thin hair or thick, long hair or short, a ponytail look goes well with any wedding outfit. This hairstyle elegantly puts your best features on display and doesn’t even take much time. A number of celebrities have opted for this look on a number of events.

Puffy French Braid with Spiral End

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Opt for this innovative hairstyle and make your backless reception gown look even more appealing. For this look, just french braid your locks and give a neat spiral shape at the end. Jazz up the look with a puffy top and multiple lowlights.

A Twisted Messy Half Hairdo

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To get this style, leave your hair loose and give a messy finish. Now, twist up the two sides and secure with some bobby pins at the center of the back. Accessorize the look with some beautiful flowers.

Classic Voluminous Curls

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To achieve this amazing hairstyle, just take your tresses in very thin sections and randomly curl them up. It should provide your bob a highly voluminous look. You can accessorize your classic curls as you wish.

Wrapping up:

Picking the right hairstyle for a wedding is a bit tough. But with these amazing hairstyles, you’ll never get short of wedding hairstyle ideas for you and your loved ones. So get going with these and look your best on a special day.