6 Heart Attack Signs that Only Crop Up in Women

Nowadays, the heart attack is emerging as one of the chief enemies of our lives and it is one of the prime reasons for early death in the entire world. Even though the world heart day is celebrated with much zeal, a lot of stress and a poor lifestyle are taking a toll on our body and these are the most important reasons why heart attacks occur. But, before heart attack hits you, your body starts sending a lot of messages to our brain. Amid by these messages, a lot of physical problems start to bother us which, we fail to understand. Now, what if I tell you that not all but some of the heart attack symptoms or warning signs occur only in women, and that woman needs to be extra careful about it. So, all the ladies out there, this is for all of you. I request you to go through these symptoms and if you are facing these issues, go to a doctor ASAP because negligence can cost you the most precious thing - your life. It might be that these are mild heart attack symptoms, but it's better to be safe than sorry.

6 Heart Attack Symptoms That Crop up only in Women

Well, for how long does a heart attack last, is the most difficult question as it completely depends on the condition of a patient, but what all symptoms can trigger it in women can surely be explained. Let's scroll down to know more.

1. Pain and Pressure in the Chest

A feeling of pressure, burning, discomfort, and pain in the chest are symptoms of a heart attack. These symptoms are common for all, be it a man or a woman. But, in the case of women, there is an exception, women experience pain not just on the left side of the chest, but in the entire area. Any woman who is going through such chest pains shouldn't avoid it and consult the doctor, immediately.

2. Augmented Fatigue

No matter how long you take rest, you will feel tired and low on energy, all the time. Frequent visits to the bathroom add more weight to the pain. In that case, see a doctor because this is an alarming sign and needs immediate attention.

3. Dizziness and Shortness of Breath

These two are the inevitable symptoms of a heart attack. According to a survey, all the women who survived a heart attack experienced these symptoms. It feels like you have been running for a very long time and now you are breathless whereas, in reality, you have been sitting ideal.

4. Cold Sweat

This one is yet another very common symptom of a heart attack among women. In fact, it is directly related to anxiety and stress. If you have never experienced these symptoms earlier and it's been just a few times, then see the doctor as soon as you can.

5. Sickness and Sharp Abdominal Pain

At times, those who have heart problems, confuse the symptoms of the same with other illnesses like flu, poisoning, heartburn etc. Yes! These symptoms are that unrecognizable. Some women who have been through it say that it feels as if a heavy object is lying on their abdomen and it is certainly not a good feeling. Try to discuss it with your doctor and never take such symptoms or illnesses lightly.

6. Pain in the Arms, Jaw, Neck, and Back

These signs might confuse you as according to our understanding, only the left side of the chest and arms pain during a heart attack, but the truth is all the above-mentioned parts of the body ache during the attack. The pain can either be sudden, acute, nagging or progressive and can even wake you up in your sleep. That's the reason why you need to visit your doctor as soon as you see any such signs.

Just remember that these heart attack symptoms can trigger at any point and can happen to any woman, so take a very good care of yourself and try to maintain a stress-free and healthy lifestyle.

With that, I bid adieu. Share the article as much as you can so that all your near and dear ones can stay away from heart attacks and can get the right kind of medication for their symptoms. Also, don't forget to comment your views on this article.