Know Why Your Skin Aging Prematurely?

Aging is a natural process that is usually connected to how old we are. The way we look sometimes indicate our biological age. But only sometimes! Appearances can often be deceptive.

More than half of the people often look older than they really are. This happens because of their engagement in certain unhealthy behaviors. This is known as premature aging which happens when the skin undergoes an unnatural aging process. The reasons for this unnatural aging process include leading an unhealthy lifestyle or extreme sun exposure. In addition to these, stress and sadness are also some of the major causes of premature aging. As you know that the knowledge is power, the more you will know about the causes of this unnatural aging process, the more you can control this and maintain a healthier, youthful body and mind.

Here are some of the common factors that cause your skin to age prematurely:

Your attitude

The mind is a powerful organ of our body which plays a crucial role in whether we age faster or slower. You can use your mind to help you accelerate or decelerate the aging process. We all know that people who are happier internally look younger. The more you hold optimism, hope, and joy within yourself, the younger you will appear. Happier people also live a long and healthy life. Stress and anger show up on your face in the form of deep wrinkles and fine lines because of muscle contraction. On contrary, a happier face is devoid of any scowl marks or wrinkles because of relaxed muscles.

Smoking and drinking

Excessive smoking leads to premature fine lines on your face that usually appears on the places where the skin is thin such as above the upper lip and sides of the eyes. Smokers can gain these lines 10 years before their non-smoker friends. Reduction of vitamin C in the blood of people who smoke causes such premature wrinkles. Vitamin C is an essential component in the production of collagen fibers, responsible for maintaining the elasticity and youthfulness of skin. Alcohol is also quite rough on the skin. Drinking alcohol leads to dehydration of skin and ultimately damages it making you look older.

A poor diet

Food that is poor in nutrients and excess in fats don’t do any good to our bodies. Instead, they cause serious consequences on our health and thus overall appearance. A diet rich in fruits and vegetables, reduced-fat meats and the suitable amount of water is necessary to maintain a youthful appearance. Such a healthy diet will be extremely helpful in keeping your hair and skin healthy and shiny as ever.

Lack of enough sleep

When our mind is in deep sleep, the pituitary gland in our brain secretes growth hormone. This hormone which is important in keeping our body tissues renewed is secreted in adults one of the few times in a day during continuous night sleep. Lack of sleep over a prolonged time period not only accelerates the aging process but also causes many pathological processes. Thus, at least 8 hours of sleep is necessary for restoring the energy levels of our body and keeping us stronger and healthier.

Wrapping up:

By making a change in lifestyle, people who are already suffering from premature aging signs can also benefit. Give your skin a chance to repair the damage by protecting it from sun exposure. Also, the smokers notice their skin looking healthier after they stop smoking. There are also many treatments available nowadays for skin tightening and smoothing wrinkles. These procedures are also giving many people a younger-looking skin. If signs of premature aging bother you, you can also opt for such treatments, however, a natural process and maintaining a healthy lifestyle is far better.