How to Keep Yourself Safe in the Flu Season?

We are all at the peak of cold and flu season. This makes us a little paranoid about our well-being. Especially when you work in an office that is filled with people, getting sick becomes so much easier. People working in close quarters are specifically susceptible to this highly contagious illness. The flu can easily spread to other people up to around 6 feet away by droplets made when they sneeze, cough or simply while talking as well. Touching an object or a surface contaminated with virus and then touching your own nose or mouth can also make you get the flu.

No one likes getting sick. However, no matter how much you try to take cautions, it sometimes becomes unavoidable. Unless or until you enclose yourself in a plastic bubble for an entire weeks or more, avoiding the flu germs completely is close to impossible. But there is a good new here. You can follow certain steps at work in order to reduce the chances of getting or spreading the flu, for that matter:

Get yourself vaccinated

According to the Center for Disease Control, the vaccine for an annual seasonal flu, either the nasal spray or the flu shot, is the the best way to decrease your possibility of getting and spreading the flu. So, opt for getting yourself vaccinated beforehand to keep yourself as well others safe.

Keep your workstation as clean as possible

You can keep a box of sanitizing wipe on your desk and make it a habit to clean your workstation on a regular basis. This includes wiping your filing cabinet handles, phone, keyboard, and mouse. Another way of getting the flu from office is shaking hands with the colleagues and then touching your own face, pens, keyboard, etc. Though, avoiding handshake at office is difficult else it’ll make you look rude, keeping a small bottle of hand sanitizer with you can prove to be quite useful during meeting times. Also, in case you notice someone being sick in your office, maintain your distance. If somebody coughs near you, cover your mouth and nose immediately and keep at least one metre distance from them.

Have enough sleep

You must have heard the importance of an ample sleep. In case you feel it difficult to fall asleep at night, try out breathing exercise. It’ll go a long way in changing your routine and making you feel sleepy at any hour of the day you go to bed.

Avoid sharing anything

Since you are well aware of the fact that this is the flu season, do not share anything in office. Be it your pen, food or any kind of drinks, avoid sharing at any cost. You know how quickly germs can spread, so if you really want to avoid catching the bug, you need to keep yourself safe from opportunities where germs can get to you.

Always speak up when you are not feeling well enough

So you woke up this morning feeling all fine but just as you reached office, you are starting to feel dizzy and are afraid of catching the flu. In this situation, it is best to let your team and boss know right away that you are feeling unwell even if you think that your sore throat, coughing and runny nose are visible enough. This way you can see and analyze their reactions and thus taking a sick leave, if required, will not come off as a surprise.

Wrapping up:

Unfortunately enough, there is no sure way of avoiding the cold and flu at office. However, these strategies will help you in staying healthy and safe for as long as possible and will also keep your colleagues safe at work.