Five Smart Tips for Women to Keep Teeth Natural White and Healthy

Have you ever wondered how would you look if you wake up one day and find no teeth in your mouth? Or rather find distorted teeth? Definitely, you would not even like to imagine the situation. Oral hygiene is a very important attribute to a woman’s health. A poor oral hygiene leads to various dental as well as medical issues. These include infection, gum diseases, heart disease, strokes, bone loss and more.

We all know that regular brushing twice a day is a key to maintaining good oral hygiene. However, simple brushing and flossing is not enough to keep your teeth pearly white and healthy. There is more to maintaining a good oral hygiene other than the tips you have been hearing since age long. Here are some of these dental hygiene steps you must follow in order to promote great oral hygiene:

Take care of your toothbrush

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Having a right toothbrush is far more vital than it seems. To maintain your teeth’s health, you need to take care of your toothbrush as well. After every tooth brushing, rinse it well and store it out in an upright position. Know that microorganisms that can attack your toothbrush thrive in a moist environment. Storing it out in open allows the air flow to move around the bristles and keep it dry. Make sure to get a new toothbrush when the older one is worn out and is no more effective. Ideally, it is recommended to replace toothbrushes every three to four months.

Have a proper technique for brushing

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If you think washing your bristles is enough to remove any leftover food particle and to polish your teeth, then you need to rethink. A proper brushing technique is necessary to maintain your teeth’s health. Begin with your toothbrush at an angle of 45 degrees to your gums and make sure to use back and forth strokes across the tops and sides of your teeth. After this, hold your toothbrush in a vertical position and use many shorter strokes in order to focus on the back of your teeth since this is the place where plaque builds up often.

Make use of fluoride once in a while

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Fluoride is not just for the kids. It is a natural mineral which hardens the enamel of the tooth and prevents cavities. You can get fluoride from some mouthrinses, some dental treatments or even from your toothpaste. Have a discussion with your dentist about the right fluoride for you.

Check for the ADA Seal

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Remember that all toothpastes are not created equally. So, it is important to look out for a product having the ADA Seal of Acceptance for the best clean. This seal meets all the strict manufacturing requirements required for an effective clean and a suitable dosage of fluoride. It also ensures that you are using a product which the ADA guarantees will do a thorough and safe job each time you brush.

Brushing the tongue

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Brushing your tongue regularly is equally important. It helps fight the bacteria present in your mouth. Tongue brushing is essential for keeping your teeth healthy and stopping bad breath. Look out for a toothbrush having a cheek and tongue cleaner so that you can easily remove bacteria from your mouth each time you brush.

Wrapping up:

Each and every person wants to have a beautiful smile and this is the reason oral hygiene is so important! Having a good oral hygiene can do so many wonderful life-changing benefits to a woman’s overall health. From better lucks in relationships and careers to a greater self-confidence, healthy and natural white teeth can truly transform you- inside and out. So, keep flossing and keep smiling!