How to Make PMS Less Painful and More Relaxing

Mood swings, cramps, bloating - sound familiar? Premenstrual mood swings, surprisingly, are something of a medical mystery. We already know they are caused by a combination of personal biology, hormonal fluctuations, and environment. However, this sensitive balance of factors can make treating them a process of trial and error for almost every woman. If you are among the 85% of women who experience the physical and emotional symptoms of PMS (premenstrual syndrome) each month, you may be relieved to know that there are certain steps to control the distress and discomfort that often comes before your periods.

Understand your trigger

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The most constant cause of anger is someone interfering with the things we are intent on doing. Another person’s anger, frustration, a threat of harm, being rejected, or an irritable mood during PMS, are all common triggers for anger. It is very crucial for you to understand and determine which are the most potent triggers for your anger. With this knowledge, you’ll learn to recognize your triggers over time, re-evaluate the conditions, and diffuse your angry feelings before they get out of control.

Wash your face way more often

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There are many people who tend to have oilier skin during their periods, which contributes to breakouts. If you are also someone who face this issue, then exfoliate with products which contain salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide more often while PMSing than you usually do. This will help you dry out that excess oil and treat the pimples that popped up already.

Add some thyme to your tea for a DIY cramp-reliever

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A study revealed that thyme essential oil is just as effective as ibuprofen in relieving pre-period cramps. To find legit essential oil or to know how much to use can be a tricky task, so stick with the herb instead. Add some dried or fresh thyme to boiling water and let it sit for some quality time prior to drinking.

Manage irritable mood

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Controlling anger when in an irritable mood is a hard time for everyone. And this becomes worse with PMS. In our irritable mood, we tend to become angry over minor things as well. We also feel angry more intensively than we would normally. During such times, you may want to spend quiet time alone, indulge in activities that you truly enjoy, or pamper yourself. Paying special attention to and taking better care of yourself generally helps.

Wrapping up:

Know that anger in itself is not all bad. As long as we are in control, it involves some benefits as well. With enough patience and practice, you can learn to contain your PMS anger gradually, live a happier and healthier life and create better relationships. Yes, knowledge does not guarantee control, but it offers that possibility. So, remember that it is really possible to control PMS anger. You can if you really want to!