Dating 101: Men and Women Really Do Operate on Separate Wavelengths

The world of relationships in the human department is a crazy and challenging one. Men and women for as long as history is concerned can never quite hit the mark properly when it comes to communication and dating. The reason is because men and women are wired differently. I don’t mean men are from Mars and women are from Venus nonsense, because we know some women are not exactly the Venus type and men aren’t always the strapping God of War types either. Men and women anatomically have the same type of brain as far as organs go but on the inside where the magic happens, their brains are never on the same operational wavelength. Men are one compartment at a time and women have this highway of thoughts and activities going on at all times. The two hardly ever understand each other and I will explain away the reasons why. Once you understand that men are one box at a time creature, then maybe your dating life will be easier.

Women are multitasking fiends.

We women love to do two thousand things at once which carry over from our work life into our personal life. For example, when a woman fights with a man she can be angry with him about fifteen things and men will look at you like huh? In this situation men focus on the current issue at hand that is spoken aloud and given directly to them so they can solve that specific problem. Women can work on all fifteen problems while a man will remain focused on one problem until problem is solved.  Women are flowing thought columns and never separate one thing from the next in terms of boundaries of thought.

Men are compartmentalized.

When women are at home, yes they focus on their personal life, but they never forget about other things outside of the home while they’re there. Men on the other hand have the division quality which allows them to keep work and home life separated; men can compartmentalize their life and keep everything in its own box. The boxes may sit next to each other but they’re never open at the same time. You see this a lot when men are caught cheating on their significant others and don’t feel guilty; you’ll notice that when men talk about this they say that one has nothing to do with the other. When they’re at home they love and cherish their wife but on those “business trips” with their mistress they can remain happy as a clam and never mix the two; which is why they won’t speak about their wives to their girlfriends or the other way around. Not everyone cheats but this is an example of the common thought when some men are caught. They never thought they would get caught because they do not combine the two thoughts.

The main thing to think about when getting into a new relationship is that not everyone is perfect and we all make mistakes. Communication between men and women should always be verbal and explicitly discussed. Women shouldn’t hold things back because men need to hear it when something is bothering us. Men are not mind readers so your pouty faces will not give them the magic clues to why you’re angry at them. When we understand that our thinking patterns are different then dating will be a lot easier on you.

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