12 Life Hacks every Woman Needs to Know Right Now

The life of a woman is hard! There are no truer words than that. Being a woman is a tough job and if there is anything that can make our life easier, we all are ready with our grabby hands. This is one more reason why we women are so good at either cretaing or gathering some pretty amazing and cool life hacks. So, here we are bringing you a collection of lifesavers that belongs to every woman's daily life ASAP. Let’s check them out.

1. Use flat iron as an iron

Did you forget to iron your clothes last night and now in a hurry? Don’t worry, just pick up your flat iron, yes, the one that you use on your hair and iron your clothes. It’s easy, fast and very convenient.

2. Paint your keys

Got too many keys? Can’t remember which ones is used for which door or drawer? Just take your nail paint and color your keys to distinguish the sets. Make it interesting by using sparkle paints or with different designs and remember where to use which one.

3. Keep your frizzy hair under control

Don’t let your hair run frizzy anymore. When drying your hair, keep away from a towel. Use a really soft, cotton t-shirt to dry your hair. You can also use static paper to destatic your hair and make your locks grease free.  

4. Have your bobby pins secured

Do you have an empty tic-tac container? Keep all of your bobby pins in it and you will never have to lose them again. A tic tac container or similar ones will control your bobby pins for you, from now on!

5. Use flat iron to get natural curls

Are you fed up of straightening your tresses? Then curl them. Don’t have a curler? No worries as your flat iron will give you much better and natural curls to you. Twist your hair around the flat iron and get gorgeous curls.

6. A coat of clear nail polish

Nail polish hacks are simply amazing! Whether your rings are turning green or the buttons keep popping off, apply a coat of clear nail polish to them and you are good to go. Also, by painting your earrings and rings with clear nail paint, you can keep them from tarnishing.

7. Pack your shoes

Don’t throw those shower caps anymore. Keep your shoes clean by wrapping them in shower caps that will make it extremely easy and compact to put them in your suitcase. Also, you clothes will remain clean by saving those shower caps.

8. Remodel your worn out shoes

Can’t use your last season’s shoes anymore? Wrong! Take a beautiful piece of fabric and upgrade your shoes with them. Don’t throw out your heels, simply give them a sophisticated or quirky makeover. Start searching for some cool fabric options, right away!

9. Ice cube tray organizer

Usually our ice cube trays go waste. So, utilize them by organizing your jewellery in them. You read it right! Put your different jewellery items in various sections of your regular ice cube tray. And no more stray jewellery to hunt for!

10. Open your stuck nail paint bottle

Is your nail polish bottle stuck? No issues, the solution is simple! Take a few rubber bands and add them to the smooth tops of the nail polish bottles that are hard to open. So, the next time it happens, you don’t need to ask your partner or friend to do it for you, it’s simple enough for you to achieve.  

11. Use nail polish to upgrade your bobby pins

Make your life fun and interesting by making your bobby pins stylish and fun. Color your bobby pins with different colored nail polishes. Match them with your dress or go crazy with drastic and sparkle colors. Isn’t it interesting!

12. Quirky jewellery stands

Got a lot of empty water or soda bottles? Create beautiful jewellery stands by cutting their bottoms. Make a stand of them by joining their bottoms together vertically with a rod. You can also turn your wine bottle into a jewellery stand by putting your neck pieces or hair bands around its neck.

So, now these day to day life hacks can make a woman’s life a lot more easy and a bit fun too!