Save Your Favorite Outfits from Ruin with These Clever Hacks

Have you ever been in a situation where you pulled on your favorite dress only to discover something wrong with it in no time? Sure, you might have. We ladies go through a lot of havoc when it comes to clothing. Bra straps slipping off from the shoulder, clothes getting stained, jeans being too long and shoes, too tight! The list is endless.

No matter what kind of wardrobe issues you suffer from on a regular basis, we have brought some smart clothing hacks to save your day. All of these tricks and hacks are tried and true and work like a charm. Check these out:

Removing deodorant stains from shirt

Are you one of those too fond-of-deodorant kind of a person? But, the deodorant stains spoil your day off? Here is a trick for you. You can remove the marks easily now by brushing them with a baby wipe gently.

Stretching shoes painlessly

High heels look fashionable. Isn’t it? However, these can be quite painful too. These pair of charmers can really make your day hell. But, with some of the different ways, you can tackle the problems associated with stretching shoes. The most effective method is the freezer. For this, you can fill a couple of freezer bags with water and place them in your shoes. Put the shoes overnight in the freezer and see a big difference just the next morning itself.  

Hack for hiding bra straps


Bras have their own set of problems. While the normal ones show up from your tank top, the strapless bras turn out to be quite ill-fitting and uncomfortable. However, with simple tricks, you can effectively hide the bra straps. This works when you are in a hurry- use a butterfly paperclip and pinch the straps of your bra in the back when wearing a tank top. In order to use a bra clip, you just need to lengthen the bra straps comfortably and slide one of the straps over the plastic notch. Now repeat this step on the other side as well and slide the bra clip down just enough to make it out of sight. Clips of the color black, white and nude disappear easily under the clothing. So no more of unsightly bra straps now!

Zipping up your dress

You must agree that one of the challenging tasks we face at times is zipping up our own dress. However, just by using a piece of ribbon or a thread, you can manage the issue. For this, you just need to thread a ribbon through the hole of the zipper and outspread the length of the ribbon all the way up to the shoulder of the dress. While doing this, just make sure to leave enough ribbon in order to grab both the ends at the shoulder. Now put your beautiful dress on and grab the ribbon over your shoulder pulling it until the dress is zipped. Remove the ribbon from the zipper and you are done.

Wrapping up:

So, now say goodbye to those terrifying end moment obstacles that make you late and spoil your day off.  These clever and super easy clothing hacks will definitely make your life a lot easier. Doesn’t believe us? Try it for yourself!