Organize Your Kitchen with These Smart Hacks

There is this one tiny place in the house which is loved by everyone- Kitchen. All the delicacies being prepared here and sunday morning gatherings are spent in this small room of the house which makes it even more special. However, the clumsiness made here during the rush hours on the weekdays and messiness created on the platforms also makes it one of the most dreaded place when it comes to cleaning and managing.

But, no more worries now. With these super cool and smart kitchen hacks, you can organise your kitchen in a way which not only saves your time and efforts, but also makes it an interesting place to be in. Check these tricks out here:

Use vacant space and add shelves

You must have noticed a plentyof unused space on the walls of your kitchen, while a lot of clutter being scattered on the counters. You can sort this out by installing few small shelves on the walls of the kitchen. These shelves then can be used suitably for the seasonings and spices that you use most often. Also, the shelves can serve as small counters for storing coupons, bills, mail and takeout menus. Such shelves are not only cheap but are easy to install as well. Paint them in any color you like.

Reheat leftover pizza in a microwave without making it soggy

Pizzas are something which often gets leftover. And, the biggest misery lies in wasting it the next morning. After all, who wants to eat a dry pizza. A pizza’s taste lies in the crisp base, fresh toppings, stringy cheese and tangy sauce. Grilling it in the microwave is just going to make it a mess of sloggy slice. But, what if we tell you a way out to revamp your leftover pizza and restore its crispiness? Yes, you can now savour your leftover pizza in its original form. Here is the hack: Place the slices of pizza on a microwave-safe plate. Now, find a glass that can fit suitably inside the microwave along with the plate. Fill this glass with 2/3rd water and heat the pizza and the water for 45-60 seconds. The water adds the moisture to the air and keeps the pizza from drying out. Enjoy your cheesy and crispy pizza.

How to keep the potatoes white?

This is a common problem which let’s agree, all of us suffer almost everyday. Isn't it? Now, no more! Just cover the diced potatoes with some cold water before cooking. This prevents the spuds from turning that gross brownish/gray. It is caused by the release of a starch that makes the potatoes oxidize.

Stay away from buying knives in sets

Haven’t you noticed those sets of cutlery that go on sale almost always at your local big store? Stay clear of those tactics. These sets usually contain flimsy, dangerous and barely mediocre knives. Instead just go for a single good knife that you need. The idea is to buy the affordable best quality knife, keeping it clean and honed and getting it sharpened professionally once in a while.

How to give bananas a longer life?

It is so saddening to see your favorite fruit turning black and ripening. Now, you can prevent this from happening using a simple trick. Just wrap the end of the bunch of bananas with a plastic wrap and keep bananas fresher and longer. The plastic wrap blocks the ethylene gases (responsible for ripening the fruit) from releasing out of the stem of the banana.  

How to prevent the cutting boards from slipping?

This is a serious issue which sometimes turns out to be quite dangerous. You can avoid this problem by simply placing a damp dish towel underneath the cutting board. The dish towel will keep the board from sliding across the countertop of kitchen.

Wrapping up:

These clever kitchen hacks will solve all your kitchen related miseries and will make your life at kitchen super easy and efficient.