How to Co-lead a Flourishing Household - Tips for Successful Marriage

When you are thinking of cultivating your marriage which you want to be happy and healthy forever, then having one lead in your household comes up with a bit outdated concept. Today’s couples are more comfortable with the new concept of co-leading their households, which they are finding very much satisfactory in terms of their relationship.

So what actually co-leading means? Co-leading simply means building an equal association among the partner and which ultimately gives them the equal right on decision making, income, working on the future aspects of their relation. It is completely from the traditional concept of dividing the responsibility as per the gender roles. Here the couples come up together and take equal responsibility for different aspects of their marriage.

How co-leading is the way to the future success of marriage…

Increased lifestyle choices come along with more options. 

There are a plethora of options available nowadays, for the couples, when it comes to making choices on business, careers and the places to live. Couples can easily balance their lives with the options available. Then can get babysitter services, if both of them are working, which can take care of their kids. Home delivery options are available as per the scheduled time when it comes to grocery shopping. And there are many other options which couples can opt to manage their work and personal life.

Due to such facilities available, couples are deciding to live lifestyles which are more comfortable and manageable, which could not have been possible in the past. They do not have to worry about their children also, as baby care services are available. So with varied options, comes varied choices to opt as per the lifestyle.

There is a great evolution of what we call as gender roles!!

Breaking the orthodox rules of the society, women’s have not emerged as a separate identity that owns a valuable position. They are no longer expected to simply live their life as a wife or a mother. They are equally evolving in every field, whether it be going to schools and colleges for studying or making their career path which was previously considered as a role to be performed by man only. But if you will go as per the statistics data, women’s salaries have increased in higher percent as compared to men. This shows that women have not only bridged the wage gap but also have exceeded it.

Likewise, men also have evolved in terms of gender roles and are crossing the traditional limits set for them. They now happily welcome the increased income and are also open to sharing household responsibilities. Marriage can be nurtured and nourished effectively when it has been co-led by both the partners. They think in broader aspect keeping their focus on the relationship which easily helps them in blending their individual talents, abilities, and leadership skills.

Many couples will be there who are working on the co-leading concept in their marriage life, but they should keep on searching new ways and ideas on which can take their relationship to the next level.


So, if you are looking forward to tips which are helpful on co-leading your marriage, explore the Part-II of this article.