10 Things to Make Yourself More Happy

When it comes to happiness, everyone have different ideas about what it is and how to get it. Not to be cynic, in the cruel world out there, every other person is wearing a mask to get himself accepted and loved. But only you have the power over yourself. Don’t look to other person for your happiness, do it on your own. Be kind to yourself and find ways to make your own self happy. For your help, we are presenting you a few things that you can try, take a look:

1. Take a break

It is essentially important that you make time for yourself. After all the tasks that you have worked on and finished, you deserve a break. If you can, plan a nice trip that doesn’t necessarily means that you have to go on one. Just planning a vacation can improve your happiness.

2. Exercise more

If you never had time for exercise, it’s time that you fit it in your schedule. Exercise has found to be a great impact on our happiness. It has been even used to overcome depression. Exercise basically helps you relax, increase your brain power and your body image. So, by including even just a 7 minute exercise regime in your daily routine will add to your happiness.

3. Watch your favourite movie

Take out the old movies that you used to love as a child. It doesn’t matter if it’s a chick flick or some nonsense comedy, old movies make you remember your childhood. And while you are at it, give those 90’s songs a dance sequence and rock your inner Arianator. Don’t let the stress ruin you, just have fun.

4. Cut and color your hair

Now is the right time to get that hairstyle you always liked but didn’t get. Or get your hair colored in some quirky and bold shades. A simple cut can transform your whole appearance that makes you feel good about yourself. And if no one is liking it, doesn't really matter, it’s your life, after all.

5. Sleep more

Sleep is extremely important as it helps you recover from the fatigue and rejuvenate. Moreover, sleep helps in improving focus and make your more productive. But before you sleep, first clear your mind so that you can sleep with ease.

6. Catch up with your old friends

Reminiscing your old days gives you feel good moments. And now with the help of social media you can do it very easily. Just text your old best friend to ask if you guys can meet up for lunch. Old friends can bring back those cheerful memories back and help you become more happy.  

7. Meditate

Meditation has always been recommended to improve focus, attention and clarity. As it turns out, meditation is not only helpful in improving all this but also your happiness. Whatever we are feeling is not permanent. Medication can actually alter the structure of our brain and help us in achieving calmness and happiness.

8. Give your family a call randomly

Family is something that can elevate your mood and make you happy. You may have fought like Tom and jerry with your siblings in your childhood. But it doesn’t matter now, what matters is that being away from your siblings have make you more closer to each other. Siblings are few of the most loyal friends that you can ever have in your life. You parents also give you a feeling of happiness and calmness that no one else can make your feel. So, just give your family a call randomly and be happy.

9. Help others

Helping others can make your feel happier. According to studies, you should take out at least two hours of your week to help someone else. Actually, spending money on other people makes us far more happier than buying stuff for our own selves. In order to enrich your lives, volunteer for social activities.

10. Spend time by yourself

It’s not only okay but extremely essential that you make time for yourself. Spend some quality time with yourself and simply relax and rest. Be with your inner self to know yourself better and to become more happy.

So, make sure you try out all these tips and have a much more happy life!