Qualities Women Should Look For in a Man Other Than Just Looks

So, you must be having a set of attributes in your mind that you desire when it comes to looking for your dream man. Sure we all have. We, women, dream a picture of our ‘perfect man’ from an early age. Whether it is about skin tone, height, body-built or even the color of his eyes, there are certain things about a man which just click our fantasy buttons!

However, there are some skin-deep qualities that have nothing to do with ‘looks’ but are equally (or even more) important to look for in your partner. After all, the ‘head-over-heels’ kind of love surely fades away in time. What stays are the traits embedded deep inside him. So, we have compiled some of the essential qualities you must look for when choosing your life-partner:


If you do not want to feel alone ever in this world or in your relationship, then choose a compassionate man. This is the man who feels and cares about your feelings just as he cares for his own. With him, you’ll never feel left out or being ignored.


Does the man you are seeing say what he means? Does he do what he says? If the answer is NO, then you surely need to put a halt and think twice! When you cannot trust him with words, then how can you trust him with all your emotions? Your man should be honest. Even if he screws up, he should be courageous enough to tell you the truth. This shows that he respects and cares about you enough to communicate and share his feelings with you.


This is one crucial trait to have for in any man. A confident man appears 10 times more attractive as he believes in his abilities and himself. He doesn’t run away from speaking his mind and is secure in his own skin. This makes a woman feel secure in his company. Confidence is an inner strength that is quite visible even on the very first meet. This involves not only the way he treats you but also the way he carries himself in public and in private. A confident man holds his head up high, maintain a straight posture and walk like he owns the room. He has the ability to handle unfamiliar situations with much ease and won’t be anxious even if everyone is watching.


If you ask a woman who is just out of a broken relationship about the reason for it falling apart, 8 out of 10 times you’ll get to hear ‘Passion was missing’. Yes, there are many men out there who just don’t take any initiative outside of the bedroom. It is thus up to you to choose carefully and not fall into the trap of first date excitement. A passionate man takes interest in you not just sexually, but emotionally as well. Whether it is about your work, your hobbies or life goals, he will never stop being interested in you, no matter the length of your relationship.


A well-mannered and kind man who is respectful towards people who deserve his respect are true gems. This man doesn’t treat others badly and is not rude to his subordinates. A kind man who has good etiquette make a good father! And this is the man who will warm up to you almost instantly.


A man who can make you laugh is the one who will ensure that you are never out of amusement your entire life. Yes, you read that right. A comical man is not only fun to be around but is also the one who maintains the spark in your relationship.


Being around a man who is hopeful and positive about the future makes you feel the good vibes. Optimism is a trait which is rare yet important to look for in your dream man.

If the man you have your eyes on hold these qualities within him, you surely going to enjoy a strong and everlasting relationship with him. So, don’t hold yourself now and move ahead in the right direction of finding your perfect man!