The Royal Fashion Rules -14 Surprising Protocols

Being born in a royal family is a miraculous privilege. As part of royal family people get lots of freedom but along with it, there is n number of traditional guidelines that they have to follow. This not only affects their decisions but also affect their fashion choices. We have listed down 14 code of conduct that they are supposed to follow.

1. Queen's approval on a Wedding dress

The royal wedding dress which is designed especially for the princess needs the approval of the Queen for its final version. In 2011, the princess Kate Middleton’s Alexander McQueen Gown was approved by Queen Elizabeth and the approval she will give to Meghan Markle's dress for the wedding of Prince Harry.

2. Nail Polish Shouldn’t be colorful

Queens have to keep their nail color neutral at royal events. They preferably choose subtle pink or a clear polish, if they step out for any official business.  Since 28 years, Queen has been wearing Essie’s “Ballet Slippers” shade.

3. Tiara is not just for everyone

In 2011, Kate Middleton has borrowed Cartier Halo Tiara from Queen Elizabeth as tiaras are worn by brides and that too for the first time. Tiara is only meant for fancy royal occasions. You can also see Kate Middleton wearing the tiara of Princess Diana on several royal events.

Tiara is that privilege which only married women can avail. It not for single women and children. Tiara is considered to be "The crowning of love and the loss of innocence to marriage”. The family tiara which a bride wear, followed by wearing groom’s jewelry give a message that now she is going to be a part of a new family.

4. Secret messages are hidden in Queen’s handbag

Image result for royal lifestyle Secret messages are hidden in Queen’s handbag

Queen makes use of her handbag in sending unsaid signals. You will never find the queen moving out without carrying her handbag. Let’s say, if the Queen wants to indicate that she is in a mood of leaving a dinner party, she will simply put her handbag on the top of the table. Through this, all member will get an indication that the party is going to end soon.

5. Clutches serves an alternative purpose

Image result for Princess Diana covering her cleavage with handbag while stepping out of a car

Anya Hindmarch, the designer of Princess Diana has named her clutches as “cleavage bags.” Princess Diana always covered her cleavage whenever she used to step out of the car.

6. Clutches are also used to avoid shaking hands

There is one more purpose that clutches used solve- to avoid shaking hands. Holding clutches with both hands signifies that they are not willing to shake hands, finding it a bit awkward. Clutches are also used to avoid handshakes.

7. The Bright Color Clothing- Queens prefer wearing

In order to stand away from the crowd, Queen’s prefer to wear bright color clothes. Wearing rich colored bright outfits, people can easily have prevued of her in a large gathering.

She never wears simple dull color as they have a belief that people won’t recognize them and they will not be able to make them stand away from the crowd

8. The Tradition to Wear Hat

Image result for Queen Elizabeth wearing a hat

A very old tradition that women’s should cover her hairs stills prevails and Queens also follow it. You will always find Queen Elizabeth wearing a hat in any formal occasion. The hat she wears perfectly matches her dress.

In some of the rare occasions where the queen is not wearing her hat, you will always find her wearing a crown or a headscarf.

9. A black ensemble is what royals wear while traveling

In any of the somber occasion, the royal is expected to wear black. It can be considered as a morbid rule and is follow whenever there is a death in the family.

At the time of the death of Queen Elizabeth’s father, she was in Kenya and was not having a black change of clothes. She waited in the plane for the black dress to come, so that she can change before stepping out.

10. Young boys wear shorts

An ancient tradition which is being followed by British royals and gentry is to make young boys wear shorts. You must have seen Prince George always being captured in shorts. No Doubt he looks adorable!!

This is a silent class marker in England that young boys wear shorts and older boys and men wear pants. Boys from the age of 8 years start wearing pants.

11. Queen does not prefer wedges shoes

Image result for Kate Middleton wearing wedges shoes

You must have often noticed Kate Middleton wearing wedges shoes that must be in news all over the internet. But Queen is from a different opinion and she doesn’t prefer wedges at all.

This is a well-known fact among all the women’s in the family and they remember not to wear these wedges in front of the queen.

12. Queen Hire people to break in her shoes

Queen has to make a lot of royal appearances, which means that she not only require new dresses but heels and dressy shoes to complete her look. Since she is constantly on her feet, so she requires shoes that are extremely comfortable.

Before queen steps into the shoes, any of the staff members will break into her shoes along with wearing a pair of beige cotton ankle socks. We can never expect the Queen to say that she is not comfortable and can’t move further.

Definitely, the staff member enjoys their dream Job of stepping in Queen’s shoes!!

13. Wardrobe malfunctions are avoided through weighted hems

There would be many instances where the princess’s dress has uncertainly catch the breeze and start blowing up.

They do have tricks to avoid such wardrobe malfunction and believe us, there is nothing fancy about it. They simply use curtain weights or what we can call them as pennyweight to prevent the dress from blowing up.

14. Pantyhose is suggested, but it's not compulsory

Image result for royal lifestyle Pantyhose is suggested, but it's not compulsory

Wearing Pantyhose is not an official rule, but it is highly encouraged among the royal women. From Queen Elizabeth, late Princess Diana to Princess Kate Middleton, all of them wear Pantyhose.

You may often found Kate Middleton wearing an impressive sheer Pantyhose which is hard to recognize.