Deciding on Being a Mother

Starting a family is a huge decision that should be discussed between the possible mother and father, but for the mom, there could be even more to think about. For a mother to carry a child inside their stomach for nine months, it’s a special thing that needs plenty of time to think about. There are tons of factors that go into becoming a mother.

For instance, there is the change in the body -- of course -- that every pregnant woman gets. The belly (or baby’s home for nine months) will grow, the body will change and there will be aches and pains that you didn’t know you could get. It will become increasingly more difficult to perform such tasks that you could do before with no strain, but now become too exhausted to do.

Then you have the financial strains that come along with being a mother such as hospital bills, getting prepared for the baby with a crib, stroller, diapers and everything else. Having a setup such as a nursery at home is also a strain that you need to invest money into to make the perfect room for your new little one.

As the child grows older, there will be plenty of challenges that you and your child will face: illnesses, potential bullies, school, friends, and everything that goes with it. Before you take the next step, you need to be 100% sure that you are ready to be a mother -- and a family with the significant other you choose to help you with the family.

Image by sdminor81 on Flickr