Top 5 Travel Trends of 2018

Travel destinations and the travelling trends of 2014 have gone beyond tourist hotspots and beaches and into enthralling novel territories. Listed below are the top 5 travel trends of 2014:

1. Getting back in touch with nature

In today’s world of social networking websites, tablets, and smartphones, spending time in the outdoors with nature has taken a backseat. The technological advancements may have become very popular with the general populous and also facilitated increased productivity, but people are fast getting tired of it. They want to get away from it all! This is the reason why most travel lovers are looking to get back in touch with nature in 2014. Most enthusiasts want to go camping, but do not want to carry heavy tents and other camping gear with them. This has led to the sudden popularity of forest lodges. In 2014, natural pristine settings with luxury services and amenities such as special excursions for children and spa and massage packages are going to be biggest attractions.

2. Local by personal experiences

A ‘staycation’ is one of the biggest travel trends of 2014. It means that you go for a vacation in your own city or town and revel in its attractions. A staycation is also rapidly changing to suit the personal needs of vacationers. Travelers now do not just want to go to a local spa or stay in the best hotels in the city, but instead want to check out unusual and interesting hometown getaways. Local activities such as couple classes, culinary or dance classes, etc. have also become quite the rage.

3. Cruises along a river

Cruises across oceans is still very popular. However, tourists and travelers of 2014 are searching for the exclusive experience. This has led to the rising popularity of river cruises. River cruises offer most of the services provided aboard ocean cruise liners, but come with fewer travelers per boat, resulting in a more intimate and exotic vacation. Kayaking, tubing, and other river activities are also likely to catch up in 2014 as more and more people are looking for holidays that include fun activities.

4. Holidays to many destinations

The tourists of 2014 are not happy with staying put at just one vacation hotspot. They now want to do more, see more, party more, and visit many different places during a single trip. Travelers may want to spend some time at the beach, then head to the cool environs of snow-capped mountains, and later end the vacation camping or hiking through jungles. A multi-destination vacation is the way to go in 2014!

5. Urban fun and activities

The global population is getting younger thereby making cities the new hotspot for travelling young couples and singles. Metropolises and big cities attract more young tourists as they offer varied and plentiful cultural experiences and upscale amenities which the usual relaxed travel destinations lack. Tourists on an urban holiday want to interact with the locals and go on impromptu exciting day trips instead of spending time at a spa. Urban tourism is here to stay in 2014!