Top 10 Attractions in Berlin

Top 10 Attractions in Berlin

The capital of Germany has had a turbulent history. It has served as the capital of five different governing bodies. It has been removed and replaced as the capital of Germany. It has been bombed out and split in half. For all that, it remains one of the most popular tourist cities in Germany. There is much to do and see in Berlin, a wealth of history and culture. Here is a list of the top 10 things to do in Berlin.

Tourist Attractions in Berlin 

Unter den Linden:

The famous boulevard in the Mitte of Berlin is lined with beautiful Linden trees. A great walking path from which you can see many of Germany’s most famous buildings. The most iconic stop on a walking tour of Unter den Linden is the Brandenburg Gate. Built in the neoclassical style, the arch is one of the most popular spots in the capital.


The meeting place of the German Parliament suffered a mysterious fire and years of disrepair. It now offers a an audio tour providing visitors with information about the history and culture of Berlin and a panoramic view of the city .

Berlin Wall Memorial:

One of the most iconic historical images that separated the east from the west, the Berlin Wall is now a popular tourist attraction. You can visit the museum at Checkpoint Charlie or take an in depth look at the horrors perpetrated by the Nazi regime in the Topography of Terror situated directly under the wall.


The urban park spread over 520 acres. Originally a hunting ground, it is now home to many government buildings. The famous Prussian Victory Column can be found in the Tiergarten.

Museum Island:

Home to many cultural and historical museums, it is most well known for its Pergamonmuseum. Located on the Spree River, it houses over 6,000 years of art and cultural history. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Potsdamer Platz:

Completely rebuilt after reunification, this area is the celebrity center of Berlin. A shopping and eating hub, nearby you can find the Kollhoff Tower, with the fastest elevator in Europe, and the Kulturforum, home of Berlin’s cultural buildings.

Charlottenburg Palace:

You can find this breathtaking palace just outside the city centre. It is the largest palace in Berlin. Built in the 1700s, there are gardens, a park, and a museum to explore.

Judisches Museum:

Two millennia of German-Jewish history are on display in one of the largest Jewish museums in Europe. It also houses the Rafael Roth Learning Center.


The neoclassical square is home to the most exclusive shopping street in Berlin. Strolling through the expansive market square, you will also see the monumental statue of famous German poet Friedrich Schiller.


In the center of former East Berlin, the area is a transportation hub and houses many socialist style buildings. One of the most popular attractions on the street is the Berlin Television Tower. The tallest building in Berlin, you can view the city from its observation deck. It also houses a revolving restaurant.