Top 5 Glamping Destinations in the U.S.

Glamping, a cultural phenomenon that combines camping with the comforts of home, has increased in popularity in recent years. Instead of sleeping on the ground out in the wilderness and building your own fire to survive, travelers can now enjoy an outdoor experience with a little bit of glamour. Glamping destinations vary in both luxury and price, so you have to do your research before booking a trip. Exactly what ratio of glamour to camping you’re looking for will impact where you should stay. But that also means that one of the benefits of glamping is more personalized stay. You can see as much or as little of the outdoors as you want. Glamping sites can be as expensive as a hotel or a cheap alternative depending which way you go. You can glamp in anything from a tent to a tipi to a yurt to a treehouse. So long as it provides direct access to the outdoors, it counts as glamping. Glamping is the perfect summer vacation. Here are the top glamping destinations in the U.S.

Dolores, Colorado

Set in a ghost town, Dunton Hot Springs offers private cabins with full amenities. Food is served quasi-family style or personalized on the go with a new menu crafted each day from local ingredients. There is an on-site spa. Explore the San Juan Mountains or go fly-fishing in the Dolores River.

West Yellowstone, Montana

The Yellowstone Under Canvas facilities at the national park offers a variety of housing options. The safari tents sleep 4 and come with a wood burning stove. Full furniture and a private patio, you just step away from a full-service bar and restaurant. Take a guided tour or hike and bring along a freshly made picnic meal with you.

Pescadero, California

Costanoa is near the beach and offers both your typical lodge stay or a tent village, depending on your preference. Tents have electricity, sliding windows, and door locks. There are nearby stations with restrooms, showers, and a sauna. There is a general store in case you forget anything and free WiFi access. Who knew you could get a massage at the spa while on a camping trip?

Falling Waters Resort, North Carolina

The Yurt Village offers many great amenities for a solid price. For those interested in a budget-friendly glamping vacation, this is the place to go. Cheaper than your average hotel stay, the yurts have queen-sized beds, refrigerators, and coffee makers. Activities include ziplining and white water rafting. Nestled in the Smoky Mountains, you will get in touch with nature.

Greenough, Montana

The Resort at Paws Up takes glamping to a whole new level. Their large tents have 2-3 bedrooms with king-sized beds and are cleaned twice daily. Set at Moonlight Camp near Lookout Rock and the Blackfoot River, Paws Up offers en-suite bathrooms, an on-demand butler, full electricity, laundry service, and the Internet. There are a dining pavilion and camp chef, a fitness center, and a whole host of family-friendly activities offered as a complementary part of your stay. Pricey but luxurious.