Top 3 Most Beautiful US Locations During The Fall

The weather is becoming chilly, days are getting shorter, and the unmistakable smell of change is in the air. Make no mistake about it, autumn has definitely arrived. If you can manage to free up a weekend or two during this lovely season, then we highly suggest that you take the time visit a few places and admire the beautiful colors of fall. After all, just because summer’s over, doesn’t mean that you can’t travel and see new places, right? If you’re not quite sure where to go yet, check out the places listed below. Known for being breathtakingly gorgeous this time of year, the following are some of the best places to beat during the fall season:

The Northeast Kingdom (Vermont)

Vermont, in general, is lovely during the fall, but the Northeast Kingdom (NEK) is an area that will really catch your eye. The NEC has beautiful mountains and lakes that can definitely bring you back to the serene magnificence of nature. It is also home to some quaint small towns filled friendly people. On top of that, Vermont it a great place to drive around and you certainly won’t run out of scenic routes and mountain views, so be sure to charge your camera! Another great thing about Vermont, in general, is that unlike other states in the US, it hasn’t been invaded by big box stores yet. Apparently, there are no Targets in Vermont and it is the last state to get a Walmart. Clearly, this state is a good location to head to if you really want to get away from it all.


Colorado isn’t just home to Aspen the city of ski resorts, it is also home to numerous Aspen trees which are simply beautiful this time of year. Visit Colorado and take a fall-color drive from the town of Ridgway, going west on Colorado 62 over Dallas Divide. Here you’ll find breathtaking views of the Sneffels Range, which according to is an apron of aspens at its feet. When you’re at Placerville, drive towards Telluride on Colorado 145. After traversing the length of Lizard Head Pass, you’ll go through dense groves of white-barked aspens and picturesque panoramas of Wilson Peak.

Columbia River Gorge (Oregon)

The Columbia River Gorge is a scenic area all year round, but you will really get to enjoy optimal hiking, bird watching, boating, and kiteboarding conditions during the fall. The Columbia River is the second largest river in North America. It runs from northern Idaho and southeastern British Columbia and travels over 1200 miles to the ocean. Your visit to the Columbia River Gorge will also be a refreshing one as there a number of waterfalls in the area. While you are encouraged to be as outdoorsy as you can when you visit the Columbia River Gorge, don’t forget to also check out some of the area’s indoor attractions. The Columbia River Gorge is also home to museums, galleries, and interpretative centers that will allow you to get a glimpse of the rich culture and history of the Columbia River Gorge.