Know How to be A Good Mom

It is quite true that each one of us enters the phase of motherhood having a set of expectations and beliefs about what it needs to be a good mother. These beliefs are developed from the pressure of our society and communities as a whole, through the expectations of our family and friends and the experiences with our own parents. All these factors play such a powerful influence over us that it actually becomes difficult for us to listen to our own ideas about ‘good mom’ thing.

Stop spending excess amounts of time on your phones

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Are you one of those people who are damn addicted to their phone? Is the first thing in the morning each day and the last thing at night you do is check your phone? Has the world of social media has gripped you in its hold? Spending your entire day just swapping through the various apps makes your family suffer without you actually realizing it. “Me-time” is definitely important, but little check-ins here or there are crucial as well. Know that this habit of yours is making your poor kids grow up with a device between them and their mother.

Facebook and other social media are undoubtedly the ways to keep up with some of your cherished friends. But if your real-life relationships are struggling because of your ‘virtual’ friendships, then it truly needs to stop. Moms who know that it’s their family who is their number one priority and not their phone tends to be much more successful in their homes.

Leave any kind of addiction, if it’s there

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Let’s agree on this fact- we all are addicted to something or the other. While some addictions are more serious and long-lasting, some get fine with time and efforts. The addictions we all have differ from one person to another. Some are addicted to drug or alcohol, some have addictions to food, sleep or TV. There are even addictions to certain good things such as spending time at the gym or exercise. But whatever addiction it is that is hampering your actions on a daily basis needs to be avoided. There are of course some dangerous addictions which need to be curbed as soon as possible, but certain small addictions can also hurt your relationships. So, whenever you notice that you are becoming consumed by something, just try to slow down or stop. If there is anything that you feel like hiding from your family, should be cut out of your life right away. And sometimes you can also confide in your family if you are struggling with something. This also makes your relationships stronger and makes you grow closer together. When you are free from any kind of addiction, whether small or something serious, you naturally tend to become a better mom.

Say no to any ‘chaos’

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Trying to keep your home and life in order has two parts- to keep the clutter and all messes picked up in the home and to make sure that you keep a schedule and aren’t missing on anything or aren’t always late. Teach your kids that taking care of home and life is important. When they pick up on these good habits, it automatically makes you a ‘good mom’.

Wrapping up:

So, these are some of the simple things you should practice on a daily basis to make your kids grow in a healthy and smart individual.