Revamp your Look and Feel Fabulous

Are you in a rut or feeling monotonous with your appearance?  Then it’s time to get away from that droning lifestyle. Recharge your style giving yourself an unexpected detail. Take an outfit that is already in your closet and use it in a new way, buy a trendy piece that’s versatile and  easy to work into your existing outfits. Here's how you can take advantage of small detail for a big impression.

If you are going for a night out flashing a little more skin would make you more liberating and sexy. Doing it with a detail that is not constantly visible is one tactic to ease out of your comfort zone. Set the dress apart from your ordinary flirty skirt for a little sensational flash. Go for a dress with back or side cutouts underneath a blazer or cardigan that covers them up or expose a little more.

Bold print is obviously a statement. Juxtaposed with rough leather on the top and bottom can be more overwhelming and a stylistic statement. This is an accent just like you would wear a piece of statement jewellery. Think outside the box and be exclusive when you are putting an outfit together, using elegant and unique prints is the simplest thing you can do to make a big difference. The most attention grabbing trend in this spring is printed and patterned trousers. Choose a bright pattern like geometric, leopard or puzzle. This is a trick that can easily transition from office to dinner and the versatile piece lets you to mix and match with quite a few tops.

No need to go through a complete wardrobe change. Incorporating some fashion-forward pieces and bright accessories will simply makeover your look. Unite a chic elegant lightweight scarf into your everyday ensemble. You can tie it around neck, encircle our waist, let it float on a handbag or even wrap it around your hair. Dot stick with boring and neutral style options, play with your outfit, adding bold and bright accessories. Try different textures, jolt colours and mixed metals. The most appropriate way is incorporating a fun, bright punchy colour handbag. Look for a bold colour pattern-free handbag that immediately transformsaccording to your day-to-day outfits. A simple roomy silhouette avoids the busy-effect that is hard to match with your getups. Have you heard that the fashion world is loving transparency right now. Jewel-toned colours bring the same effect.

Seek inspiration donning sleek white shoes that lengthens your legs. Match them with white pants or jeans for a chic and sophisticated expression. Get an eye-popping impression with styles like neon yellow studded flats which are wearable throughout the summer punching up your neutrals without any overstatements. At some point, everything old is new again, pick up a dramatic pair of black classic pointy-toe stiletto. Pointy toes and thick heels have it all, sophistication, elegance, comfort and startling,taking full advantage of metallic styling.

Try these simple styles. You'll like how wearable they are and how balanced they feel.

About the Author: Joanna Robinson is a content writer who loves to share her knowledge among internet users. These days she is writing about travelling, fashion and design own shirt

Image by henryjrose on Flickr