Top Tourist Attractions in Sydney, Australia

On the southeast coast of Australia lies the mainland's most populous city, Sydney. Known as the Harbour City, Sydney is the oldest city in Australia and has a rich history worth exploring, dating back to the first indigenous Australians 30,000 years ago. Sydney was established as the first British colony in Australia in 1788. Soon after, an epidemic spread that nearly wiped out the Aboriginal population. In the early 1800s, the city began to build itself up with roads, banks, and markets. Today, the city is made up of 10 villages

The urban area of Sydney is in a coastal basin. The city is known for its temperate climate and has over 300 sunny days a year, making it a great spot for tourists during any season. The city has over 70 beaches.


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To get around the city offers a free Village to Village shuttle. Sydney has a great public transportation system. Trains run from 4 am to midnight. There are also buses, ferries, taxis, and a light rail that runs every 15 minutes. The city offers a MyMulti Day Pass that can get you on any form of public transportation. Sydney is also a walkable and bikeable city.

Things to Do

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Sydney has a few famous landmarks not to be missed. Sydney Tower is the largest structure in the city. In the City Centre, you can go to the Sydney Opera House, one of the most famous buildings in the world. You can visit Sydney Olympic Park, home of the 2000 Olympics. The Royal Botanical Gardens in the northeast corner of the City Centre offer acres upon acres of beautiful gardens and a breathtaking view of the Sydney Harbour. The city also has museums, shopping, and historical sites to check out.


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Perhaps the city's most intriguing feature is its wildlife. A brief ferry ride to the North Shore will take you to Taronga Zoo. In the Outer West, you can go to the Koala Park Sanctuary. Sydney has an aquarium and a Wildlife World. If you are looking to see wildlife in its natural habitat, you can go whale watching, spot Kangaroos and Wallabies in the National Park, or look up to the trees to see Rainbow Lorikeets and Sulphur Crested Cockatoos.

Adventure Vacations in Sydney

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Looking for adventure? Spend your next vacation in Sydney, Australia. Travelers can enjoy all the romance, beauty and relaxation of other destinations; however, in Sydney guests can take part in activities found nowhere else in the world. If you are athletic, and not afraid of heights, you can take in a great view by climbing the Sydney Harbour Bridge. Once guests make it to the top, they can enjoy a breathtaking view of the Sydney skyline. At the foot of the famous Blue Mountains, a channel has been created to provide guests with a wild whitewater river rafting experience. Experienced rafters and kayakers can enjoy the thrill that comes from conquering white waters.

While in Sydney, spend a little time on the water. On the harbor, travelers can ride the ferry, take a cruise, or rent a kayak. Feel the need for speed? Take a high-speed jet boat trip on the harbor. If you wish to view the waters from above, tourists can take a seaplane flight from Rose Bay to Palm Beach. If you take a flight at dawn or dusk, you can enjoy a beautiful romantic view. Athletic types can enjoy a cycling tour through the city, or around the beautiful harbor shores. There is also plenty of fun to be had in the water as well. Put on a wetsuit and enjoy a snorkeling tour. Guided shore and boat diving is another thrilling option.

Kids Daycations in Sydney

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If you plan to bring the kids along, don’t fret. There are plenty of exciting kid-friendly attractions in Sydney. Sydney is home to the world’s largest IMAX movie screen. Take the kids to enjoy a one of a kid 3-D experience. You and your children can enjoy views from Sydney Tower. The structure is 250 meters tall. At the Sydney Aquarium, you can walk underwater and discover a collection of entirely Australian aquatic life. There are 12,000 marine animals housed at the aquarium. The aquarium features dozens of sharks, many over 3.5 meters. Your children might also enjoy the Sydney’s Taronga Zoo, home to 2,900 exotic and native animals. Introduce your children to the rare Western Lowland Gorilla, the Sumatran Tigers, or a snow leopard.

In Sydney, you can enjoy typical attractions like live shows, eat at five-star restaurants, and lay by the beach. But in Sydney, you can also learn to surf, come face to face with sea life, and take a sailing trip. Spend a little time in Sydney, and find out what living is really like.

Sydney Australia Fact Sheet

Population: 4.4 million
Latitude: -33.8833
Longitude: 151.2167
Altitude: 137 feet above sea level
Largest city in Australia
State Capital of New South Wales
Area of approximately 12,000 square miles