Easy Ways To Whiten Your Yellow Nails Naturally


Nail whitening is one of the most tedious tasks as it requires more efforts than painting your nails with one or two strokes of nail paint brush. This one’s for all the LADIES out there, have you ever tried to unfold the reasons behind for having pale nails? Well, most of you must have asked your beauty expert or have read about it, however, hasn’t got the right reason to rely upon. There must be some women who know the reasons, unfortunately, never tried to implement on your nails.

First comes first, the common reasons for having pale nails are either due to excessive use of nail paint or due to exposure of nails to harsh chemicals existing in dish bar or washing powder etc. However, seeing today’s scenario, it is not easy for fashionistas to keep colorful nail paints at bay, therefore, to cut down your pain, we have got you covered with easy and fast ways to whiten your nails with home remedies.

Care Your Nails Naturally

Here is the list of easy solutions that would lead you to beat the pale layer that happened to be upon your nails soon after you remove your nail:



As a strong agent for cleaning, lemon juice is one of the easiest ways to whitening your nails. Take a bowl in which squeeze two fresh lemons. Now put your fingers into a bowl and it for at least 5 minutes. Time to clean your nails with cotton and make sure not to wash your hands for some time.

Tip to pick: To give a complete finish, wash your hands with warm water and pamper your hands with cream.

Baking Soda

It is best known for its countless beauty benefits and when it comes to whitening your pale nails, you shouldn’t skip using baking soda. Make a paste of baking soda and lukewarm water and apply on your nails. Now leave the pack to dry and once it is dry, rinse with water.

Tip to pick: Due to being a strong agent for whitening your nail, baking soda might leave some white marks on your nails. Therefore, it is advisable to massage your nails with lukewarm coconut oil or olive oil.

White Vinegar

As we all know that white vinegar is best known as a fighting agent, so ensure to dip your fingers in the vinegar solution for 5 minutes. Do not forget to add a few drops of olive oil for nail care.

Tip to pick: Vinegar has strong smell agent and to keep the smell at bay, you can add a few drops of rose water into it.


Needless to say, toothpaste is another easy and fast way of removing paleness from your nails. Apply toothpaste to your nails and rub it with soft bristle toothpaste brush to clean your cuticles and help you to remove the yellowish layer from the surface of your nails.

Tip to pick: Rub gently to avoid hurting yourself.

Tea Tree Oil


If it’s not the polish that’s doing the damage, you may have a nail fungus that is causing the discoloration. To try to solve the problem with a home remedy, you can put a drop of tea tree oil onto your nail beds, leave it to settle for a couple minutes, and then rinse with warm water.

Tip to pick: To see the best results, you’ll want to do this twice daily for a few months until you notice the improvement.

Make A Strong Relationship With Your Nails

After going through this article, you must have got a basic idea of removing a pale layer from your nails, so next time, when you see this pale layer on your nail, you know what things to be applied on it to get yourself get of these pale nails. If there is something that you want to add on, do comment below!