How To Remove Lipstick Stains From Clothes

The lipstick looks good only on the lips, not on the cheeks, and definitely not on cloth. These are made up of oily/waxy components and dye and if it gets on any fabric could make a tedious task to remove from it. The dense pigment can damage the fabric permanently if prompt action is not taken. Lipstick consists of various ingredients such as oils, waxes, and pigments. The oils can be removed with the help of degreasers, waxes can be removed by solvents, and oxidizers can remove the remaining pigments. Read on to know some useful tips to remove lipstick stains from clothes.

Know your fabric

Different fabrics are going to respond differently to the stain removal techniques. So make sure to check the label of the garment and of the stain remover. Fabrics such as suede and silk require gentle cleaning, whereas, cotton, spandex, and nylon can be treated with robust cleaning.

Don’t Delay


You accidentally ended up with a stain on your bed sheet; however, you were so tired after the party, that you couldn’t care much. Don’t do that. The sooner you tackle the stain, the easier it will be for you to remove it. When it is fresh, a stain can be removed easily with the help of soapy water.

Dab a damp cloth

Lipstick stain removal can be done by a damp cotton cloth. This will help remove the stubborn top layer of wax and oil. Use gentle blotting strokes, as rigorous rubbing could penetrate the stain deep into the fabric.

Stain remover and liquid detergent

This is one of the handiest tips to remove lipstick stains from clothes. Some stains are extremely difficult to get rid of and require additional steps. So, it is really essential to select a detergent that suits the fabric you are working on. Read the manufacturer’s cleaning instructions before washing. Dab a little detergent on the cloth; and let it stay on the cloth for 10 minutes, then work on the stain from outwards to inwards in gentle strokes. If you cannot find a laundry detergent according to the cloth, then go for a shampoo.


Not many of you are aware of this, but ammonia can remove lipstick stains effortlessly. You can get it any grocery store for a just a few dollars. Make a mixture of ammonia and a little water and with the help of a cotton swab, dab it on the stain. Once you notice the stain fading, wash the cloth with soapy water.


Yes! Even a hairspray can work wonderfully to remove the lipstick stains. Shake the bottle and spray the solution right on to the stain. Let it sit for 20 minutes to penetrate deep into the stain. Wash away the excess solution with plain water, and voila, no stains.


Use any toothpaste that you have handy. Apply some of it on a clean cloth and spread it evenly on the area. Now with the help of the cloth, scrub the stain gently. You will notice after a few scrubs that the stain is beginning to fade. Once the stain is off the fabric and on to the cleaning cloth, simply wet the area and wipe it down on the remaining stain. This will leave behind a clean slate.

Rubbing Alcohol

Alcohol works effectively on stain removal. Take a clean white cloth, add to it a few drop of alcohol to blot the lipstick stain from the cloth. You will notice the stain vanish in just a few wipes. Do not rub the stain or you will spread the mark.

Laundry the garment

Even if any of these tricks to do not work, then you need to send the garment for laundry, or for dry cleaning.


We hope this article will help you to remove lipstick stains from clothes. Lipstick stains on clothes can be very frustrating. As soon as you spot one, make sure to clean it to reduce your cleaning effort. If you have more tips for lipstick stain removal, then make sure to share them here.