Secret Tips For Taking Care Of Your Lingerie

Women share an amicable relationship with bras; at times, it becomes quite difficult to explain it in words. The bra is the best friend of any woman as it gives a support, comfort, and shape to your burst. Therefore, it is really important to take good care of your best friend when it comes to lingerie washing. It sometimes becomes a huge investment for women who don’t like investing in it too often. This article will help you learn about the secret tips for taking care of lingerie for extending the life of the innerwear.  

Top Tips For Taking Care Of Bras

Needless to say, lingerie is an integral part of women’s clothing fashion. A wrong selection of lingerie can ruin the entire woman’s fashion. So, without fail consider the tips that will guide you to keep them alive and make wearable for a longer period of time.

Gentle Hand Wash

Delicate lingerie requires extra care and what’s the better way to show your care for lingerie than a hand wash. Preferably, machine wash can damage the life of the innerwear so it is significant to keep some things in mind while washing lingerie:

  1. Always use gentle detergent for delicate bras, if possible use liquid-base gentle detergents available in markets.

  2. Avoid harsh rubbing with your hands.

  3. Always wash them in cold water instead of hot water.

  4. Avoid washing them with regular clothes.

  5. Always make sure to not to bleach bras.

  6. Avoid spin-dry the bras.

Store Them Correctly

Storage of bra is yet another significant point that shouldn't skip. A lot of women keep them with their regular clothes which lead to distortion of the shape of bras. It is recommended to not to throw them in the wardrobe; instead, make some space for them in the wardrobe. If possible, go for the slider racks that segregate the bra collection. This will protect the bras from taking a weird shape and will also make easier to find out what to wear for the occasion.

Don’t Wash Bras Too Frequent

Washing lingerie on regular basis could lead to ruin the beauty of delicate lingerie. Therefore, it is suggested by the experts not to wash on regular basis. There are some brands that label this warning attached to the lingerie to let them last long. Apparently, it is also suggested to not to wear it for two days in a row as the sweat can damage the beauty of the lingerie.

Clasp Them While Washing

Clasp them to avoid ruining other lingerie fabric. Bras without clasping are more prone to damage other bras since the hooks can be torn the fabric. Apart from damaging the stuff, it becomes difficult to untangle these bras if they are left unclasped.

Never Iron Lingerie

There are many women who like t iron every kind of clothes from under-shirts to innerwear. When it comes to bras, do not iron bras to let them stay as it is for a longer period of time. Hot steam can loosen up the elasticity of bras and could harm the fabric of the bra.

Wrapping Up

By following these aforementioned tips anyone can extend the life of bras and will make lacy briefs stay longer. So get inspired and follow these tips to keep the favorite ones for a longer period. In case, we are left with something unsaid or unmentioned, do share it with us to make this post more valuable.