Unobserved Things from the Royal Wedding

There is no wedding which can go off easily without any hitch. So is the royal wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle which also has few hitches.

We are here to get familiar with some of the surprising moments which you might have missed while watching the wedding.

1. The wedding date was featured in the license plate

After their wedding at Windsor Castle, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle left the luncheon. The newlyweds jumped into a fashionable vintage Jaguar.  This vintage wagon carries the licensed plate that mentioned number "190518". This is the wedding date May 19, 2018. British always write their dates in the format of day, month and year.

2. The Palace rules were broken by the bishop

American Episcopalian bishop Michael Curry showed the sermon behavior at the royal wedding which stole everyone’s heart. He was fiery, impassioned, and theologically-charged bishop at the wedding.

But there is a most important rule of Kensington Palace that he himself broke. Guests arriving at the wedding are required to submit their mobile phones or any other device which can capture the image. But the Bishop was carrying an iPad. Don’t that iPad have a camera to click pictures? 

3. Kate and Prince William seated apart

The married couple Kate Middleton and Prince William seated two seats apart. Prince William was sitting next to Prince Harry and after him, it was Prince Charles, then his wife Camilla, then Kate Middleton.

4. It was female designers who designed Meghan’s Outfit

The wedding gown of Meghan was designed by Clare Waight Keller. She is an artistic director at Parisian Fashion house but is actually British born.

And her reception gown was designed by Stella McCartney. The gown which she wore was very much simple and does not contain any lace or any embellishment.;center,top&resize=980:*

5. It was a representational veil which Meghan Wore

The 16-foot long veil that was worn by Duchess of Sussex was designed by Givenchy’s Clare Waight Keller. It was a silk tulle veil which contains embroidered flowers. It was a request done by Meghan for this floral embroidery and it represents 53 countries of Commonwealth. She wanted to accompany all these countries throughout her wedding.

The efforts done to design this veil was also extraordinary. The unique and delicate design was created in three dimensions and every flower was worked flat. Even a statement given by Kensington Palace states that how much dedication the workers have shown in accurately stitching the gown and they also washed their hands in every 30 minutes to keep the look of the tulle untouched.

There were two significant embroideries done on the veil: one is of Wintersweet, which is a place in front of Nottingham Cottage in Kensington Palace and other is the poppy which is considered to be a state flower of California, Meghan was born there.

6. The youngest member of the family was absent

You will find that every member of the royal family was present at the wedding. From the most senior to a younger member. But the youngest one was missing. Among kids, Prince George and Princess Charlotte were but we nowhere found Prince Louis.;0.00170xw,0&resize=980:*

7. Meghan’s Tiara was carrying a brooch

The legendary tiara wore by Meghan was also one of the centers of attraction. This tiara was created in the year 193 and Queen Mary wore it for the first time. Later it was worn by Queen Elizabeth and now it was lent to Meghan for the wedding.

This beautiful tiara was having a detachable brooch and was made of 10 brilliant diamonds.

8. The special touch was given to Bouquet

Prince Harry has himself collected fresh flowers from the private Garden in Kensington Palace. This bouquet also contains Forget-Me-Nots which Princess Diana always favored.  

9. Some mistakes were there in the wedding program

The princess always walks in the church with her father, as per the tradition. But this program forgot the Meghan’s Father is not there with her to walk the bride down the aisle. And in the flow, it read that she will be joined by her father, Mr. Thomas Markle, to the High Altar. But the royal editor has to tweet the conversation later.  

10. The bishop pronounced the first real names of Bride and Groom

The Bishop called Meghan as “Rachel” and Harry as “Henry” at the beginning of the ceremony. But afterward, he switched to their real names with which they are known to the world.;center,top&resize=980:*