Best Tourist Attractions of Prague, Czech Republic

Prague is easily one of the most historic and charming cities in Europe. It is the capital of the Czech Republic and the historical capital of Bohemia. There are many diverse attractions to travelers from all over the world. For those seeking historical significance, a few of the countless noteworthy historical sites and monuments are the Prague Castle, Charles Bridge, and Old Towne Hall. The Prague Castle is believed to have been founded in 880, and today is listed as an UNESCO World Heritage Site. Also, worth a visit is the Charles Bridge, built in 1357. There are countless amazing views, from atop, overlooking, and underneath this historic bridge. The Old Towne Hall also features the Astronomical Clock. This mechanical feat began in 1410, and the twelve apostles are featured at the twelve hours on the clock face.

The Major Architectural Places

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For those favoring the arts, a visit to Prague will not disappoint. The National Theatre in Prague offers a wide selection of dance, opera, and classical concerts. Prague is also famous for it's black light theatre. These shows are truly unique and not to be missed! There is also a wide selection of museums all over the city. A few to investigate are Prague National Museum, Museum of Communism, and Prague Jewish Museum. More information can be found on any of these attractions by using the Prague yellow pages and Prague business pages.

The Pleasant Climate

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While winters in Prague are quite cold, the climate is pleasant for travelling the rest of the year. Public transportation or walking are the best ways around Prague. The highway system is not complete and can prove to be very confusing. Traffic is often heavy. Public transport is safe and cost effective, and Prague is a beautiful city to walk. The quiet, swan filled, Vlatava River flows through Prague, inviting you to wander along it, as it flows beside cathedrals, museums, restaurants, theaters, marionette shops, gift shops (selling the beautiful Czech hand painted Easter eggs), and so much more.