Rosewood London Hotel's Gin Bar Features Over 14,000 Types of Gin

What do you usually do after checking into a hotel, especially one of international renown and prestige? Most travelers will soon get around to trying out the hotel restaurant or the hotel bar. One of the great joys of a hotel stay is the opportunity to wet your whistle in a well-stocked bar with a knowledgeable staff. The hotel bar is usually the requisite relaxation destination for business and recreation travelers alike. The hotel bar acts as a facilitator for travelers in need of a meeting place for socializing, a refuge to overcome jet lag, or as a meditative corner for creative types to serve their muses. A well-stocked hotel bar should have a wide assortment and variety of alcohol and spirits to impress the more sophisticated and discerning world travelers. However, even the most frequent travelers and hotel visitors may become too used to the limited selections of their usual hotel bars.

Strong Affinity for Gin

Well, if you have a serious penchant for gin, there is a bar in London that can serve you well over 14,000 different mix combinations of the tried and true classic gin and tonic. The prestigious Rosewood London Hotel’s Holborn Dining Room has just opened a new bar called the Gin Bar in its restaurant which hosts an assortment of over 400 different kinds of gin. You will find the Gin Bar stocked with every kind of gin from every corner of the world. England is considered the gold standard in gin quality, after all, so you will find some of the best in locally produced gin on display. Be sure to try the Opihr Oriental Spiced gin, which is made with Indonesian cubeb berries and Moroccan coriander. For a taste of history, you can also try the Steam Punk Gin, which is derived from a mixing recipe that hearkens back to the year 1892.

Types of Gin

There are well over two dozen varieties of tonic water available at the Gin Bar, from Fever Tree to Merchant’s Heart to a special house-made tonic. All told, you can order about 14,035 different varieties of gin and tonic, give or take. The Gin Bar also feature well over 20 different kinds of genevers, which is a type of Dutch gin that is actually the predecessor of the, “gin,” drink as we know it today It goes without saying that you will also find a wide assortment of wine, beers and other spirits as well at the Gin Bar. The most conservatively priced glass of gin will cost you around $13. A glass of the more exorbitant gin and tonic will cost you about $75.