Ride the Modobag Motorized-Suitcase to Your Departure Gate

Technology, technological advances, the drive to constantly improve upon recently perfected technologies and how it is used are character reflections of the people and societies that create and proliferate such. In the Western world, we create technology to make life more progressively convenient and easier for us. Over 30 years ago, the only talking car in the world was K.I.T.T. in the TV show Knight Rider. Nowadays a talking car is a ubiquitous convenience feature that is taken for granted, since most smart devices, laptops, watches and tablets can talk as well. When new forms of technology are introduced, there is usually a lot of incredulous skepticism and laughter waiting to greet it.

Modobag Motorized Luggage Case

You will do well to remember that as a traveler if you ever find yourself astride the Modobag motorized luggage case as you zip through the airport towards your departure gate. The Modobag is the world’s first ridable, hybrid smart scooter and luggage case. It can be legally ridden around an airport and right up to your boarding gate. The Modobag is a start-up product being fundraised via IndiGo. Designed by businessman Kevin O’Donnell and an unnamed Daytona 200 professional motorbike rider, the Modobag recently met its fundraising production and operations goal and will go into mass-production soon. The Modobag weighs 19 pounds and has a 200-watt capacity electric motor. It has a top speed of 8 MPH/13 KM and a travel range radius of 6 miles or 13 KM. The dual-pedal braking system will ensure safe and efficient rides through airport terminals.

What are the Features?

It has 2,000 cubic inches of luggage storage space and a rider weight capacity limit of 260 pounds. The Modobag features a sealed bearing retractable steering column and a touch-friendly console dashboard. It also features USB charging ports and a lithium battery smart-charger that can be plugged into any household or public electricity outlet. The Modobag features GPS tracking technology so it can never be lost as well. It fits into all overhead cabin bins. The Modobag and its functions are compliant with all Transportation Security Administration, Federal Aviation Administration and International Air Transport Administration rules and regulations. If you ever get sick of the Modobag’s multiple convenience features, then you can get all analog, exercise-centric and old-school and just pull the retractable handle and pull it along after you.

It is really an expensive Task

The Modobag’s current drawback include the fact that it is about 10 times more expensive than regular luggage. It also has about 15 percent less luggage storage space than regular luggage. Also, you just possibly might get laughed and pointed at as you ride on it.

Like, seriously energetic giggles. Decades ago, the only people who had hand-sized, mobile smart devices that could connect you with everyone on Earth in real time was the crew of the Enterprise on the Star Trek series. Chris Pine is Kirk now instead of William Shatner, but more to the point, the idea of talking into your smart device and communicating with someone in real time over vast distances is not a fantastical idea anymore.

You can even Fundraise

Such humanity-uniting technology really, really was a fantastical, out-of-this-world idea not even 30 years ago, let alone 50 or 60 years ago. The point is that technology races in leaps and bounds in the 21st century. What may seem impossible, ridiculous or laugh inducing now may become the accepted norm sooner than later. The Modobag will sell for $995 in its current form. You can also pay $69 for its companion iOS or Android app. You can learn more about the Modobag or make a preorder at the Modobag IndiGo fundraising site.

The Modobag will be available for commercial purchase in January 2017. When technology weaponizes convenience in an undeniable and obvious manner, it has a way of quieting skeptics and muting laughter. Though that usually happens later on. Much later on.