A Step-by-Step Guide To Organize Your Closet The Right Way

  Know when you open your closet and see an overwhelming mess? You have no idea what to wear or where to begin sorting your clothes. Sounds like you, right? Trust us, and it happens to everyone! Closets are small spaces that tend to accumulate almost everything. These tiny spaces get filled quickly, from shoes and bags to shirts, jackets, and accessories. However, not with the right things. A messy closet is a sign that something needs to change. And we're here for you in this article! If your closet looks like a hurricane passed through it… read on.   Welcome to the beautiful world of organization Being organized will save you loads of time and stress in the long run. You might think that putting off organizing a few things won't make a big difference, but it adds up. Being disorganized now means you'll have to work much harder to get things done. If you're thinking of ways to organize your life, start small. Pick one thing, and get it under control. Once you've got that down, add another item. Before you know it, you'll have an organized life. Closet organization is a never-ending process that will keep you sane while being extremely useful. It will help you feel more confident and better understand what you own. Closet organization is the perfect way to keep your clothing and accessories tidy and easy to access. Organizing your closet will help you make the best use of space and save time by avoiding clutter.   STEP 1: Know what you want and what you have Have an honest approach when doing this, as it will help you cut out clutter from your closet and make room for things you want to keep. The closet organization goes beyond merely putting things away in their proper places. It also entails being truthful with oneself regarding one's possessions. Ask yourself: Do I need all of these items? Do I actually wear these clothes? Which of these items no longer fit me? And which of these items do I no longer need? Asking yourself these basic questions and being honest with your answers can create more room in your closet, and start organizing your closet with things you want to keep. Going through your wardrobe will make this process easier. You'll be able to separate items as you go, making it easier to decide what you should keep and what you should get rid of. If you have any doubts, ask yourself these questions: Do I like the item enough to keep it? Is it in good condition? Will I use it in the future? If your answer to most questions is a NO, then it's time to let it go.   STEP 2: Change your game plan Do you want to organize your closet but don't know where to begin? Stop and think for a moment- what is my ultimate goal? You should do everything possible to make your closet work better for you. You have us to assist you in achieving the most spectacular results possible with your closet redesign project. Everything requires your full attention and knowledge. Consider: What do I own? Where do I begin selecting the items I wish to keep? What do I have to throw away? Where can I start with optimizing the current room layout? Any suggestions for sprucing up my closet? We promise that once you know what you're doing and have a plan, you will be able to organize your closet in no time.   STEP 3: Toss everything and start from scratch You're starting to think that you should just throw out everything and start from scratch. Well, that's not such a bad idea. Yes, it's drastic, but it's necessary sometimes to ensure you stay on top of your organization game. Tossing everything and starting from scratch will allow you to make better decisions about what you should actually keep. Discovering what you do and do not have in your possession is made much easier using this method. You should keep certain valuables if you decide to do this. Keep this in mind, and you'll be reminded of the original purpose for storing these items.   STEP 4: Make use of the space you have: Install hooks and shelves Wall hooks are perfect for hanging bags, jackets, and scarves. You can also store shoes on the wall using shoe racks. You can also create shelves using old bookshelves and wooden pallets. These will allow you to keep more items and better use the space you have. If you're short on space, think about storing things under your bed and other furniture. Paint the walls of your closet in the color you love. This will make it feel more like a room and less like a tiny storage room. You can also create decorative items to complete your closet more fun and inviting.   STEP 5: Organize Your Accessories Now reassemble everything in a method that makes sense to you, makes full use of your closet's square footage, and looks good enough to inspire you to keep it clean. Consider the most practical locations to hang your clothes and the ease with which you can access them. Put like things together: Group similar items together, such as belts, sweaters, long-sleeve shirts, work pants, dresses, button-down shirts, jeans, shorts, etc., and choose the most effective location for storing them. Organizing by category can help you determine how much room you need and where to put different items. Use closet to its full potential: Put the clothing you use the most regularly in the front and center of your closet. You should put your work clothes in front of your closet if you have to be ready for work every morning at 6 a.m. Items that are used less frequently, such as formal dress and out-of-season clothing, should be placed higher and farther back in the closet. Put away your seldom-used belongings: You may store seasonal clothing and items you only wear sometimes, like your Halloween costume and your most elegant pair of shoes, at the very top of your closet.   STEP 6: Don't forget about your shoes Yes, you read that right! You can also organize your shoes. If you have a lot of shoes, try out these hacks. You can build a shoe rack on the floor. You can also use a bookshelf, a wall hook, or a wooden pallet to store them. You can keep them in baskets or containers. Just make sure you store them so they're not touching each other. This will prevent them from getting ruined. If you own a lot of shoes, consider investing in a shoe rack. This will give your boots their space, making it easier to find them when needed. You can re-purpose old IKEA shelves or drawers if you don't want to spend money on a new rack.   Closet storage tips Closet storage solutions don't create more space in your closet; however, closet organizers, storage solutions, and closet systems can help make more storage space accessible. A step stool, for instance, can help you access the upper reaches of your closet. The closet's horizontal space can be better used with a double hang. By installing an over-the-door shoe rack, any entrance can become a convenient spot to keep shoes, accessories, or both out of the way. You could just give up, take out your credit card, and buy a fancy new closet system. Try to hold back. Plan your closet by first taking measurements and inventorying what you already have. Minimize your clothing storage expenditures by making creative use of what you currently own. Bags, shoes, accessories, and workout attire benefit greatly from being stored on compact shelving, cubbies, or baskets. To sum up, always triple-check your measurements before purchasing a new storage unit. Bringing home an item only to discover it is slightly too broad is one of life's most infuriating experiences.   Maintaining Your Newly Organized Closet The more you work on closet maintenance, the less time it will take. Sort through your closet once a month for a fast tidy-up and twice a year for a full reorganization. Simplify your life by creating a cleaning plan that corresponds to the seasons, important dates (like your birthday or New Year's), or upcoming events. The next time you can't find an essential piece of clothing, that's a good sign you need to re-organize your closet.   Conclusion A clean, organized closet ensures everything has a place. Try your best to keep like items together so you can find them easily when you need them. You might think it's a lot of work to maintain an organized closet, but in the long run, it's worth it. Cabinets can get really messy really quickly. That's why staying on top of things and keeping things clean is essential. Plus, having a clean closet will help you feel more confident because you'll know what you own and what you don't. These simple guide of wardrobe hacks from WomenWire.com are sure to keep you organized and sane for the rest of your life.

Some Amazing Life Hacks To Make Parenting Easier and Fun

Parenting is never an easy job. As a parent, you want to provide your children a fantastic childhood. The one they look back as an adult with fond memories. One need to take good care of their kid to make sure they are growing up happily, while also making sure they are not spoiled. The role of a parent is really a crucial one, but sometimes, exhausting. Here are some of the fun life hacks all moms (and dads also) learn to make parenting a lot easier:   If you are a parent of more than one child, use the dot method to identify their clothing.   Yes, this is quite a simple idea, but damn useful if you have more than one child to look after. You can use the technique of marking two dots for the second child in your home, three dots for the third, and so on. This time in itself will save a lot of your time when sorting out the laundry.   Draw a toilet paper line.   Make a fun line out of colorful paper that tells your kid how much paper they should be using with every visit to the loo they make, for all your toilet-clogging woes. This way, they won’t be wasteful and you would not have to get out the plunger yet again.   Make lunch time more fun.   For all those difficult days when they just don’t seem to want to eat anything, you can try making their meal more colorful with an ice cube tray and different colored fruits and veggies. This will not only allow your little one to try out new food but will also feel like they are playing a game while munching some healthy food. Isn’t that genius?      Screen time.   You can limit your toddlers’ TV time by starting shows in the middle. Most of the kids aren’t really into the plotlines, anyway.     Create an inexpensive play pen.   Ball pits are definitely a blast, however, some of the ones at arcades and restaurants aren’t exactly quite clean places to send your kids for enjoying a gala time. If you want to avoid the tears, wailing, and deafening screams that come inevitably after you say “no” to the public play pens, create your own in your living room, basement, or wherever with a kiddie pool and some colorful plastic balls. By doing this, we promise you’ll definitely win the parent-of-the-year award in your kid’s book.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Prevent apple slices from getting brown.   Put the fresh slices of apple in a lunch bag, sprinkle some salt over the pieces and give them a quick slosh with water. By doing this, the salty taste is washed away but a brief exposure to the salt keeps the slices looking fresh all day.   Wrapping up: Those little toddlers are balls of energy who are constantly on the go. Sometimes, the only way to keep up with them is to twist how you do this or how you manage that. These useful life hacks are definitely going to make your life as a parent a lot easier and fun.

Some Genius Bathroom Hacks to Make It Sparkle

A bathroom is one of the most neglected rooms in any house. You would agree on this. You must be having a fake plant or a painting in there, but in comparison to the rest of your house, it is definitely pretty boring. Above all this, cleaning the bathroom is a task which is dreaded by almost everyone. We have brought some genius bathroom hacks to make your bathroom an interesting place. These hacks are not only cute but functional as well. Picking these hacks to organize your bathroom would definitely make you surprised at how much your life improves. And you’ll feel proud as well for doing something really productive. Adding a frame to your basic bathroom mirror You can give your outdated bathroom mirror a fresh appearance by simply wrapping it in a white, crisp frame. Or else, you can also customize the style of the mirror edging and match the rest of the bathroom by finishing. Framing your mirror gives quick design and functionality to your bathroom. You can use molding and paint it in color of your choice. Use of caddy shelf to organize the cluttered mess There are a lot of space in every bathroom which gets wasted entirely. Use can make use of this space by making use of caddy shelf which is made with built-in compartments to organize your stuff. Use of ‘S’ hooks to create drying space for towels In case you need to share your bathroom with many people, finding towel space is quite tricky. Isn’t it? So, here’s a life-changing trick for you- hang ‘S’ hooks on your towel bars which will create more space for drying your towels. Organize your lotions and hair products by hanging spice racks There must be a hell lot of stuff lying in your bathroom that you use every day. You can use spike racks to fit all these stuff. Add a coat of paint in order to color-coordinate with the rest of your bathroom. If you want the racks to be out of sight, simply hang them on the inside of your cabinets. Install a small tension rod under the sink to hang cleaning supplies You definitely would not want to spend a fortune on storing cleaning supplies. No one wants to do this. You can organize all your beauty products and cleaning supplies in absolute harmony by installing a small tension rod under the sink. This will add more room below for the storage. Make use of cake stand to store shower products Save a lot of time during the process of getting ready to go out with this hack. Use the wasted cake stand to store beautifully your favorite shower products. Use of nail polish to prevent rust You all must be knowing that nasty ring the creams can leave on your tub. So, here’s a solution- Just paint the bottom of the can using a nail polish in order to prevent it from leaving rust. Wrapping up: So make your life simpler with these amazing bathroom hacks and feel proud of yourself.

Some Amazing Cleaning Hacks to Save Your Day

When it comes to household cleaning, don’t you realize that you spend a huge part of your hard earned fortune on it on a daily basis? Apart from the household cleaning supplies, the aprons, and another cleaning related stuff too cost you a lot. The germs from everywhere lurk inside your home, whether brought in by the breeze, by your pet or just by your own feet. So, cleaning every day is really required. However, there is no need for you to spend that much amount or money to keep your home sparkly clean. With these simple, effective and inexpensive cleaning hacks, you can get the desired cleaning results at your home in an easy way: Use of a toothbrush for cleaning the dishwasher Cleaning a dishwasher is not as easy as it seems. No matter how much time and effort you put into making the things go down the drain, you always end up finding bits of food and another buildup. To remove these stubborn buildups, you can use a toothbrush and then rinse the rest off in the sink. Scrubbing using power drill So, using grease is not making your task of scrubbing easier? Take the scrubbing to a completely new level by attaching a brush to your power drill. With this technique, you’ll be able to clean in few minutes what used to take you an hour, and that too with minimal effort! Clean broken glass using bread Does this seem surprising? However, it is an effective method of cleaning the shreds of broken glass from the floor. Sweeping up all the pieces of glass when it breaks is a tricky task. Small remnants get easily overlooked. So, once you toss up the larger pieces, just drop a bread slice onto the floor, pressing it down on it to pick up any less noticeable scraps. Microwave Cleaning A microwave is one thing which is used almost on a daily basis. Cleaning the food remains and treating the foul odor from the microwave becomes a daunting task. Isn’t it? Now, no more! Just put some water and lemon juice in a microwave bowl and set the temperature high till the water boils. Keep the doors of the microwave closed. Once it beeps, set it at a high temperature again for 5 minutes. The steam produced is going to help in losing the stuck food remnants and removing the foul odor as well. Get rid of red wine stains using white wine The stains due to red wine are some of the most dreaded cleaning tasks for the homeowners. Removing the set liquid is just next to impossible. Acting on it immediately is vital. So, if you have white wine on hand, quickly use it to dilute the red wine. Now, blot the affected area with some paper towels and cover it with some salt in order to draw the vino out of the fibers. On a final note, soak the fabric in a solution of vinegar and water (you can also use hydrogen peroxide and dish soap).   Use of an old pillowcase to dust the blades of ceiling fan For this task, a soft pillowcase would work great as it attracts dust easily. You can use cotton or flannel for this purpose. Now, starting from the blade’s innermost part, dust off the fan blade steadily. This technique will make all the dust to fall into the pillowcase instead of onto the floor or on your head! Washing windows using strokes technique While washing the windows, clean one side with vertical stroke and the other with horizontal. This way you will know on which side the streaks are (if they are there at all). Wrapping up: So, these are some of the cleaning hacks you can try at your home without any much efforts and make your life a lot easier.

Organize Your Kitchen with These Smart Hacks

There is this one tiny place in the house which is loved by everyone- Kitchen. All the delicacies being prepared here and sunday morning gatherings are spent in this small room of the house which makes it even more special. However, the clumsiness made here during the rush hours on the weekdays and messiness created on the platforms also makes it one of the most dreaded place when it comes to cleaning and managing. But, no more worries now. With these super cool and smart kitchen hacks, you can organise your kitchen in a way which not only saves your time and efforts, but also makes it an interesting place to be in. Check these tricks out here: Use vacant space and add shelves You must have noticed a plentyof unused space on the walls of your kitchen, while a lot of clutter being scattered on the counters. You can sort this out by installing few small shelves on the walls of the kitchen. These shelves then can be used suitably for the seasonings and spices that you use most often. Also, the shelves can serve as small counters for storing coupons, bills, mail and takeout menus. Such shelves are not only cheap but are easy to install as well. Paint them in any color you like. Reheat leftover pizza in a microwave without making it soggy Pizzas are something which often gets leftover. And, the biggest misery lies in wasting it the next morning. After all, who wants to eat a dry pizza. A pizza’s taste lies in the crisp base, fresh toppings, stringy cheese and tangy sauce. Grilling it in the microwave is just going to make it a mess of sloggy slice. But, what if we tell you a way out to revamp your leftover pizza and restore its crispiness? Yes, you can now savour your leftover pizza in its original form. Here is the hack: Place the slices of pizza on a microwave-safe plate. Now, find a glass that can fit suitably inside the microwave along with the plate. Fill this glass with 2/3rd water and heat the pizza and the water for 45-60 seconds. The water adds the moisture to the air and keeps the pizza from drying out. Enjoy your cheesy and crispy pizza. How to keep the potatoes white? This is a common problem which let’s agree, all of us suffer almost everyday. Isn't it? Now, no more! Just cover the diced potatoes with some cold water before cooking. This prevents the spuds from turning that gross brownish/gray. It is caused by the release of a starch that makes the potatoes oxidize. Stay away from buying knives in sets Haven’t you noticed those sets of cutlery that go on sale almost always at your local big store? Stay clear of those tactics. These sets usually contain flimsy, dangerous and barely mediocre knives. Instead just go for a single good knife that you need. The idea is to buy the affordable best quality knife, keeping it clean and honed and getting it sharpened professionally once in a while. How to give bananas a longer life? It is so saddening to see your favorite fruit turning black and ripening. Now, you can prevent this from happening using a simple trick. Just wrap the end of the bunch of bananas with a plastic wrap and keep bananas fresher and longer. The plastic wrap blocks the ethylene gases (responsible for ripening the fruit) from releasing out of the stem of the banana.   How to prevent the cutting boards from slipping? This is a serious issue which sometimes turns out to be quite dangerous. You can avoid this problem by simply placing a damp dish towel underneath the cutting board. The dish towel will keep the board from sliding across the countertop of kitchen. Wrapping up: These clever kitchen hacks will solve all your kitchen related miseries and will make your life at kitchen super easy and efficient.