Post Pregnancy Hair and Skin Care Tips

During pregnancy the hormone level becomes very high. So you see a lot of changes during and post pregnancy. Some women experience pregnancy glow during their pregnancy and after delivery as the hormone level becomes normal they have acne, pigmentation, stretch marks, puff eyes, dark circles and hair loss. But the good news is that those changes are mostly temporary and will get back to normal on its own in due course of time.

Once your baby arrives, your center of attention will be your little one and you will be running short of time with barely any time left for yourself. But try to manage 10 minutes of your time to take care of your skin and hair, also hit the bed whenever your little one sleeps, because less sleep increases the post pregnancy skin and hair problem.

Below are the changes you see in your hair and skin and the tips to take care of them:

Hair Loss

During pregnancy the hair grows due to rise in hormone, post pregnancy, the hormone levels come back to normal and the normal hair cycle is resumed. Therefore you will see shedding of hair, but this is temporary and the normal hair texture will come back in the 6th to 12th month post pregnancy.


Eat healthy - Ensure your diet contains food that is rich in antioxidants. The antioxidants strengthen the roots of your hair.

Keep your scalp and hair clean – Wash your hair with a gentle anti-hair fall shampoo and apply conditioner to avoid breakage.

Take vitamin supplements - Post pregnancy your body will need some supplements to help you get back your strength. Ensure you take your vitamins like Vitamin B and C regularly to maintain fuller hair.

Get a short haircut – If you are losing a lot of hair, go for a haircut and keep it short, the shortcut will make it look fuller.

Acne, Pigmentation, Dark Circles, Stretch Marks and Puffy Eyes

The high levels of estrogen and progesterone during pregnancy cause acne and pigmentation. Also the change in hormone level causes dark circles and puffy eyes. The most stubborn one is the stretch marks which are caused due to the sudden contraction of the skin post birth.


Cleans your face - Make sure you cleanse your face with a mild cleanser twice a day. Use products with mild or natural ingredients like aloe Vera and eucalyptus.

Drink enough water – Ensure that you drink 8 to 10 glasses of water and have a healthy diet, also sleep whenever your baby sleeps. This may sound odd but this is the best way to take a good rest and avoid puffy eyes.

Use sunscreen and moisturizer - Use a sunscreen daily, even if you tend to stay indoors to aggravate pigmentation or new dark spots. As a daily moisturizer, use one that is specifically made for pigmented skin. As soon as you know you’re pregnant, start using a moisturizer rich in olive oil or an anti-stretch mark cream in the problem areas to focus on your belly and breasts. Post birth, if you have developed stretch marks use a reputable anti-stretch mark cream on the affected areas. One of the key measures for reducing stretch marks is a healthy diet and exercise.